PSPV moves away from Illueca: ‘We will never separate business people’

PSPV Organizing Secretary José Muñoz's appearance this Tuesday

PSPV Organizing Secretary José Muñoz’s appearance this Tuesday

PSPV-PSOE Organizing Secretary José Muñoz, second vice president of Generalitat, Hector Illucabusinessmen are “free to express what they think”, but his words about the shipping company and the president of the Valencian Businessmen’s Association (AVE) are unmarked, Vicente Boluda: “We will never blame businessmen, what we are looking for is social dialogue in the Valencian Community”. When asked about the words of Illueca, which blamed Boluda on Monday, Muñoz said at a news conference this Tuesday: “Urban operations and the presence of a minority and sometimes weird business people and darkness”. Muñoz argued that the Socialists wanted to “create a business and economic ecosystem that allows Valencian society to flourish”. In this sense, the Valencian Community is “the second fastest growing community” and the production fabric of “change” is already a reality,” he said. That’s why he advocated “continuing work to guarantee economic and political stability”. Actually doing well,” he added.


Illueca, the maximum representative of Unides Podem at Consell media focus: Name famous Valencian businessmen by name and surname and associate them to curb some government action. First, it went to the owner of Mercadona last week for the “inflated prices” of food. This Monday, he went to the chairman of the shipping company and AVE, which Boluda had criticized by explaining some of his remarks, and talked about the “strange parties” that provided conditions for the Government. Among them, Podem.

Differences between Unides Podem and PSPV about the figure of businessman Juan Roig and the role of Mercadona Distribution chain Last week they became almost impenetrable. While they would like to frame the discussion within the framework of institutional “loyalty,” neither organization nor the other is willing to change their criteria. In fact, the crisis caused by the food basket caused Generalitat president Ximo Puig and its second vice president to make two very different public speeches and, above all, to keep their distance, despite the intervening days.


On the other hand, PSPV also announced that it will submit an illegal offer this Tuesday. Valencia Courts That he proposes to put an end to cryptocurrencies in the Valencian Community. “We have a problem among many young people who see crypto holdings as a quick way to make easy money, but no one explains the negative consequences to them,” Muñoz warned. In this sense, the initiative of the Socialists calls for regulating the broadcasting of crypto-active advertisements on Valencian regional channels and other channels over which the Valencian administration has jurisdiction. creation is also recommended. regional registration service providers for the conversion of crypto assets into fiat currency and crypto asset providers for monitoring tax and financial liabilities arising from their holdings.

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