The State Duma warns the US of the consequences of possible attacks by American missiles on Crimea 10:40

State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet says American politicians need to understand that jokes with Russia can end badly for the United States, transmits RIA News. According to him, if American weapons are used to attack Crimea, Washington will also be held responsible.

“An attempt by the Ukrainian troops to launch a missile attack on the Crimea will be considered a declaration of war by the United States. It’s time for American pseudo-politicians to realize before it’s too late that playing jokes with Russia and swinging swords will do badly for their state. Kyiv. In the event of a provocation, both the Kyiv authorities and their curators abroad will be fully responsible,” he said.

As the MP pointed out, it is now necessary to deprive the Ukrainian authorities of Western weapons by eliminating key points in the supply chain. He also added that it was necessary to convince the United States and Poland that aggression against Russia was futile.

“They must understand that attacking a country with a missile fence is not only stupid, but also deadly,” Sheremet said.

Sergei Trofimov, Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Crimean Parliament, said in a previous statement, attempt Ukraine’s “take back” of Crimea would provoke a terrible reaction.

Source: Gazeta


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