Lavrov: Nuland’s words show US involvement in Nord Stream explosions 11:27

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland surrendered happily to the explosions in Nord Stream. He said this in an interview he gave to the TV channel. “Russia 24” and agency DEA News.

As Lavrov pointed out, the words of the US Deputy Secretary of State indicate that Washington was directly involved in the terrorist attack.

“Now Miss Nuland has actually made a confession,” said the diplomat.

27 January Victoria Nuland spoke At a hearing in the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) asked him about Nord Stream.

In response, Nuland said the entire US administration was very pleased, knowing that Nord Stream 2 is now “a pile of metal at the bottom of the sea.”

The emergency at the Nord Stream gas pipelines became known on September 26: damage and gas leaks were recorded there. Seismologists recorded two eruptions. Russia’s FSB has filed a lawsuit over an international terrorist act.

Source: Gazeta


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