Piskarev: State Duma will discuss Prigozhin’s attempt to limit the travel of deputies abroad 21:48

The State Duma will soon discuss an attempt to limit the travel of deputies and officials abroad during a special military operation, proposed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the private military company Wagner. This was announced by Vasily Piskarev, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption. TASS.

The deputy described Prigozhin’s initiative on the need to impose restrictions on the separation of deputies and officials and strengthen control over ethical behavior as “deserving attention”.

“In the near future we will discuss the appropriateness of making appropriate changes to the legislation with our colleagues from other relevant committees,” Piskarev said.

The issue of immoral behavior is primarily concerned with self-discipline, self-organization and personal responsibility, in United Russia he noted and added, the party commission examines every case of immoral behavior and if this is proven, this person is deported. Party.

1 February Prigogine discussed to Piskarev with a request at the legislative level to prohibit Russian officials and deputies from being heard outside the country for the duration of the NVO. According to him, this not only harms the reputation of the Russian Federation, but also threatens state security.

Source: Gazeta


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