Commerce Minister Raimondo: US is overly dependent on goods from multiple countries, including China 00:12

Gina Raimondo, head of the U.S. Department of Commerce, said the U.S. is overly dependent on goods from individual countries, and the lack of them can significantly destabilize U.S. supply chains. It has been reported foreign affairs.

He stressed that working on supply chain disruption and the chip issue has opened eyes to how vulnerable States are and overly dependent on individual countries for certain goods. He stressed that this would significantly destabilize the US supply chain.

“At some point, I realized how dependent we were on China for certain types of goods,” Raimondo said.

Former European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned About the threat of a new trade war between the EU and the US due to the US disinflation law.

Von der Leyen added that the law could lead to unfair competition, market closures and disruption of critical supply chains tested by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier it was reported that the European Parliament is calling on the European Union to file a complaint with the WTO over US law “in the coming months”.

Source: Gazeta


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