The United States plans to strengthen the training of Ukrainian soldiers. What they think in Russia The Washington Post: The Pentagon plans to significantly expand the training of the Ukrainian military 10:45

The United States plans to significantly expand the military training of Ukrainian soldiers. This was reported by the Washington Post newspaper citing senior officials of the US Department of Defense.

According to the publication, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, with his team, is considering the possibility of more extensive training of Ukrainian military personnel. According to him, this will allow Kiev to resist the Russian army “more effectively and sophisticatedly”.

The US military is aware that such an approach would increase US involvement in the armed conflict in Ukraine, but is ready to take this step. The advanced education plan has been under discussion for several weeks, WP says, which will rely on billions of dollars in financial support from Washington.

Newspaper sources state that it is likely that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers will be trained at an American military base near the town of Grafenwöhr in Bavaria, Germany. At the same time, emphasis will be placed on a more modern style of warfare and tactical maneuvering to be less dependent on artillery support.

The new training model by American trainers will be implemented by the Pentagon against the background of the expected slowdown in hostilities during the winter months. In particular, Washington believes that this will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to intensify the counterattack in the Kherson direction until spring.

“Although the training of the Ukrainian armed forces on specific weapon systems will continue, the West’s supply is not unlimited. The purpose of the new training system is to teach Ukrainians tactics that will increase the effectiveness of their weapons and scale the skills displayed by their small military units, ”the publication says.

US and European officials expect most of the recruits to receive advanced training will be new recruits, as Kyiv continues to mobilize a war-ready population.

At the same time, WP emphasizes that it is not yet known whether the Pentagon’s plans to expand the military training of Ukrainians will require additional funding. The publication notes that aid to Kiev is still supported by both the Democratic and Republican parties, but Republicans insist on more careful control of the funds allocated.

The fact that the US can strengthen the military training of the Ukrainian army was previously reported by CNN. Channel sources said Lloyd Austin wants to use training programs similar to those the US military receives at training centers in California. For example, we can talk about the combat coordination of several types of troops at once – infantry, artillery, mechanized units – to detect, encircle and destroy enemy units. According to the Secretary of Defense, such courses will be more comprehensive and effective than the training currently conducted in the UK and Poland.

In early November, the Pentagon announced the creation of a new command to strengthen control over the training of Ukrainian soldiers by American and European instructors. The command was named “Ukraine Security Assistance Group” (SAG-U). It should facilitate a system of training and assistance created “on the fly” after the start of a special military operation.

The previous day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a briefing that the US and NATO partners are directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine “including not only arms supply but also personnel training”. Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting before that, Lavrov emphasized that the countries that support the Kyiv regime have become parties to the conflict.

The Pentagon and its president, Lloyd Austin, want to strengthen the training of the Ukrainian military. We’re talking about hundreds or even thousands of soldiers who will be trained in “more sophisticated” warfare methods in Germany. At the same time, the United States understands that such actions will further involve Washington in an armed conflict in Ukraine, but is ready to take this step.

Source: Gazeta


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