Indispensable destinations of 2023 with Viajar

The December issue of Viajar, which is on sale, is literally a statement of intent. as well as enjoying Close Escape Guide The magazine, which is full of gastronomy artistic suggestions and connections with nature, special ‘destinations 2023’ between its pages. Safaris, creative cities, cultural treasures or places to lick your fingers or go on a great adventure. Endless plans to seduce avid travellers, including related ones. 50th anniversary of your death pablo picasso, He will be honored with various exhibitions and events in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​\u200b\u200bMalaga and A Coruña. Of course, it is not possible to say goodbye to 2022 in the authentic dream spaces that the magazine put forward in this issue.

Travel is also coming London exploring its streets from the perspective of journalist Enric González, who was once a reporter in the city. And even more closely, the magazine takes us to the city of Seville to rediscover its duende through its most emblematic symbols.

And also in Andalusia, Viajar invites you to contemplate the sights of Andalusia. Sierra Nevada from a state-of-the-art sanctuary ideal for snow lovers. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect counterpoint to Lanzarote and its volcanic landscapes. An island that serves as a canvas for César Manrique and continues to inspire beauty.

Plus, Viajar tours the United States by Belén Montalvo, giving you an incredible photo report of the year’s best panoramic views and excursions. of the Alexia Putellas and Rodolfo Guzman. It is as irresistible as the Christmas flavors of the world or the exotic flavors you can taste, collected in an illustrative map. the best restaurants From Jakarta and Bali.

All this and more in your December Travel magazine.

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