“The problem after NATO and Ukraine is Kazakhstan.” Astana complains to Russian TV The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan asked Moscow to respond to negative statements about the republic on TV 23.11.2022, 17:16

Kazakhstan Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vasilenko urged the Russian authorities to respond to the statements of Russian experts about the republic, especially while speaking on the broadcast of federal television channels.

In the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, which was previously broadcast on Russia 1 TV channel, Russian expert Drobnitsky told his interlocutors after the end of the conflict with NATO and Ukraine, “beware, the next problem is Kazakhstan. ” According to him, as in Ukraine, “Nazi trials can also begin there”. “There are a lot of Russians out there,” Drobnitsky said.

The speaker was supported by the host Vladimir Solovyov and noted that Russia and Kazakhstan have a rather long border.

Vasilenko, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, emphasized that both the President of Kazakhstan and the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other official representatives of the republic have repeatedly talked about such “statements and” talking heads “.

“We believe that, firstly, they do not reflect the official position of the Russian Federation, secondly, they undermine the traditional close relations between Kazakhstan and Russia, and thirdly, they deserve an appropriate reaction from the authorities of the Russian Federation.” The vice-president added: Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the sidelines of the Parliament.

added to blacklist

However, this is not an isolated case where the Kazakh authorities were dissatisfied with the comments of Russian public figures. At the end of April this year, TV presenter Tigran Keosayan on the YouTube program Roskomnadzor Free was outraged by Astana’s attitude to the situation in Ukraine and its refusal to hold a parade on Victory Day (republican officials, this way of saving money).

“Cossacks! Siblings! What kind of ungratefulness is this? Guys, have you really decided that Russia is going to evaporate somewhere and migrate to Mars? Or do you think you will migrate? I am speaking my personal opinion about a citizen of the Russian Federation. Take a closer look at Ukraine! Think seriously! – Said the husband of the editor-in-chief of the RT television channel Margarita Simonyan.

Three days after Keosayan’s statement, Aybek Smadiyarov, the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, warned the director that he could be included in the list of “not allowed to enter” the territory of the republic.

“The aggressive and essentially biased speech of the Russian journalist Tigran Keosayan is striking. “Maybe it reflects the views of a certain segment of the Russian public and political establishment, but it in no way fits the spirit and content of cooperation between our countries and existing agreements at the level of heads of state,” said Smadiyarov.

He noted that such conversations do nothing but spoil the friendly relations between the two neighboring countries. “I believe he will be included in the list of persons who are not allowed to enter Kazakhstan,” said a State Department spokesperson.

In mid-June, St. In his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed his “arguments against the statements of some Russian deputies”.

The head of the country drew attention to the problem, “I can say absolutely false statements about Kazakhstan, false statements by journalists and even cultural figures.”

According to Tokayev, such words “sow discord among our peoples and thus harm the Russian Federation itself.”

In Astana, the Russian side needs to respond to the words of Dmitry Drobnitsky, a political scientist, that Moscow’s next problem after NATO and Ukraine is Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic emphasized that, according to Astana, only some representatives of Russia, who spoiled relations between the countries, repeatedly appealed to their colleagues to clarify their words.

Source: Gazeta


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