What to do with the car?

What to do with the car? New cars have been used since the microchip crisis. You can order new and expect it to arrive in a few months, but in the 21st century “wait” and “car” are contradictory terms. The permanent lack of semiconductors is also questioning the entire automotive industry and its drivers. What to do with the car?

At the moment, only Fernando Alonso changes cars easily, and we are talking about one in twenty men from all over the world. Don’t stop though. Formula 1 should set an example and work with second-hand single-seaters, second-hand cars. I know it’s contradictory and ridiculous, but when the elite sets the example, they come up with similar nonsense.

What doesn’t stop changing is the car that comes (although it hasn’t just arrived). It will be all-electric at the end of a process, but they recently said that they are working on a car that automatically picks you up from satellite, an outside driven car already has some potholes in the testing phase, and this is already happening. He was destined to change his accident insurance business. Now, the ideal is completely different and follows the general trend of everything: spying on you. You are being spied on by the government, local police, bank, nightclub, hackers, data collectors, television platforms, virtual assistants, and if it happens now, your future black box car and insurance. company. insurance.

The hardware on new cars will look you in the eye so you won’t be driving half asleep after blowing before starting the car so you don’t start the car half drunk. Not so long ago we were heading towards the ideal of a car that would put you to sleep and take you home, and now we are faced with the fact that your car is your own civilian traffic guard. It doesn’t sound bad to me, but these are conflicting market orders and one doesn’t know what to expect. Apart from that, it affects privacy and data control as it records everyone in the vehicle. Semiconductors and semiconductors. What to do with the car?

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