religions and democracy

To establish the playing field in which religions, with the sovereign will, are legitimate to operate, although democracy is by definition rationalist and must be conducted in a secular state to be complete and complete.

This compatibility between religion and democracy is always complex, but can arise when both political and religious actors are consistent with their own beliefs. So, for example, the current Pope Francis has taken giant strides to acclimate to his climate in today’s world, begging for pardons of indigenous Canadians who were persecuted in Catholic centers against indigenous children, separated from their parents for ethnic reasons, and infamously incarcerated. where most of them died. Mass graves with thousands of victims of this atrocity have been found.

But if Francis has regained the Church’s dignity, that humiliation is hidden and archived elsewhere. In Spain, without going further, the necessary remorse is not seen in a religious hierarchy that in its time tolerated the abuses of religious teachers against minors in black Spain’s schools. As soon as the first scandal broke out in the media, neither the acceptance of the mistake that should have been heard nor the request for amnesty were heard clearly.

Source: Informacion


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