Lawyer Radko said under what conditions you should call the traffic police security service

In the event that the traffic cops commit a crime, you should contact the internal security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Sergei Radko, the lawyer of the Freedom of Choice automobile movement, spoke about this in an interview with

“If the inspector openly blackmails, provokes some illegal action, it is worth notifying the internal security service. It also attributes non-existent violations and implies that it is possible to solve problems without drafting a protocol,” Radko explained.

When contacting the security service, you must first write down the data of the traffic police. The lawyer indicated the full name of it, the number of official cars and badges, as well as the coordinates of his duties.

The internal security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is engaged in the prevention, detection, suppression and disclosure of police crimes, and is also engaged in crime prevention in its ranks.

Viktor Travin, Chairman of the Ex-Vehicle Owners’ Legal Protection Board, said: recommendationHow to avoid traffic police attention on the road.

Source: Gazeta


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