Feijoo is happy with his mistake

The grace upon Alberto Núñez Feijóo should explain the widespread apology for his monumental error in the Senate by voting in favor of the tough amendment Pedro Sánchez introduced to appoint the Constitutional judges. On the other hand, it is surprising that a politician who thinks he is an excellent manager is confused about such important matters. The former Galician president is offended by those who attribute a trivial mistake to him. And they only make the crime worse by admitting they made a mistake. Why would someone who has proven that he doesn’t know how to vote believe the explanation for his vote?

Feijóo claims to have voted for one thing and vice versa, like a good Galician, but since that goal was impossible, he actually only voted in favor of the socialist proposal. Casero’s humorous past is used, which applies to those unsuspecting the bizarre ploy to approve a labor reform demanded by businessmen whose majority didn’t vote for Podemos. Ten years from now, the PP senator could boast of supporting an initiative that seemed plausible to him and dared to deny it. The favorite candidate of the next general election wants to put himself in the position where his compatriots fly above him and where his indecision guarantees success. His vote in the Senate repeats his firmness in Castile or Leon. He agrees with Vox, but disagrees with Mañueco’s ascribing two candles to God and the devil.

Feijóo apologized, it is heard in the background. Fake. He admitted he had made a mistake, but without begging pardons from his constituents who were allowed to feel scaled down, and happily placing himself in the lineage of heads of government who also pushed the wrong button. The last one was Rajoy, undoubtedly the most appropriate point of comparison for an emerging PP candidate. Although I vote in favor of the PSOE, I confirm that Feijóo is rising like foam at the time of writing. So consider all of the above as trivial but real vent.

Source: Informacion


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