one more year

– At the door of the sun / as / again champagne and grapes and tar / of the carpet -“

During the second fortnight of June, education centers, like institutes, celebrate special, personal, and bizarre year-ends. Extracurricular trips to theme parks, the beach, down the Segura River, and classroom lunches to entertain teachers are the beginning of the most important action of the end of the course; graduation. Graduation of the courses that complete the stages; Fourth of ESO and second of Baccalaureate. The courtyards and sports fields of the education centers are decorated to bid farewell to some and entertain others. Scenarios are set up; some are modest, some are bigger and more ostentatious. PA system, lights are installed, chairs are strategically distributed for attendees and guests. A central corridor is always left, where the heroes of the night, the boys and girls, will parade and will soon be rewarded with the long-awaited fringe.

– Sailors, soldiers, singles, married/lovers, travelers and other/ignorant priests. / We Spaniards amid shouts and whistles / big, short ones once, / something at a time –“

At sunset, despite the stifling heat emanating from the overheated ground, the buzz of the first annoying mosquitoes, and the sweat running down their foreheads and backs, guests begin to take their seats before the event begins. We’ve found moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and friends who are still willing to applaud the honorees, educators, and AMPAS members who will help and participate in one of the most adorable moments their students will ever have.

College students feel like stars overnight in improbable dresses, hairstyles for big events, stunning shoes and individually handpicked accessories. They feel special and ready to walk the “red carpet” of Hollywood’s big movie events. They also wear their best clothes “dressed but informally”. They left tracksuits, sports shorts and singlets for a while. Some are flirty, some are freshly shaved, all ready to show off in photos they will give to their grandmothers. Of course, everyone has a nervous and excited smile that covers their entire face from ear to ear. The uneasiness that their inseparable friends try to control by fingering their cell phone in sweat.

– And even though there are new ones for the grapes / we will miss the ones that are not / And let’s see if the living will wake up / and we will laugh next year –“

The emotionality of the action increases when teachers who retire or have to go elsewhere are fired. The distribution of gifts and emotional short speeches shape the end of the graduation ceremony. The final is not synonymous with the end of everything. As at any party, you should gather around a table with a wide variety of menus. From olives and chips to hot dogs, there are things to do in the event halls where you eat, drink and dance as if there is no tomorrow.

– And we say goodbye and ask God / to see if / in the next year / instead of a million / there will be two -“

This end of the year, the end of this year, may be talking about the chaos created by the absurdity of the new final evaluation criteria, the promotion and qualification criteria for ESO and the Baccalaureate. I can mention a lot of disappointed and grumpy students because of their low grades in the first course after Covid. I can speak of parents who are angry and frustrated at the prospect that their child will have to repeat the year. I can talk about mothers and fathers who, with bad habits and often lack of education, try to put pressure on the teachers they hold responsible for all their children’s educational disorders. I can mention a lot of revisions, complaints and pressures this year from parents who are not afraid to discredit the teacher’s teaching work and have not seen it during the school year and now demand it be improved. Notes from your daughters and sons. I can speak of the loneliness many education professionals experience when they have to consider the work done by their students as a disaster.

We can talk about many things, but not today, today is not the time. I want today to be the end of the year full of good wishes, as if it were December 31st, New Year’s Day. I want it to be the end of a path full of joy, goodwill, happiness, prosperity, peace and love. Desires that we all transmit to and receive from all.

– At the door of the sun / as / again champagne and grapes and tar / of the carpet -“

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