The network showed what the main villain from the first Avatar will look like in the second part. He’s not human anymore

Empire has released a fresh still image from the upcoming sci-fi movie Avatar: The Way of the Water, a sequel to the original 2009 film. The image shows the main villain from the first part, Colonel Miles Quaritch.

Those who have seen the original will probably remember that Colonel Miles Quaritch died, but apparently in the sequel his consciousness was transferred to another body, namely the Na’vi.

The character is once again played by Stephen Lang. “He’s bigger, he’s bluer, he’s furious. But maybe it has an aspect of humility. If you get two Na’vi arrows in the chest, it may have some effect on you. He has always been a character that moves in a straight line. But now he’s just as flexible as she is. He can move with the same cunning and ferocity as any Na’vi.”said the actor.

We will recall that earlier in the network there were shootings of “Avatar: The Path of Water” with the character Sigourney Weaver (Sigourney Weaver).

The film’s premiere is scheduled for December 2022. The Kremlin announced the danger of Western games to Russians

Source: VG Times


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