Moreno vs Sanchez

If I had commanded the PP, I would have run as a candidate in the general election. Juanma Moreno. But if I command PP, feijoo And then I want to introduce myself. Of course. In other words, not me, but El yo Feijóo, who is a very big me and has never moved to Madrid. Don’t you see the hard work of moving back to Galicia and packing the furniture and the suits, the dogmas, the ideology, the moderation, the school trophies and the ribeiro? And you go back to Galicia and what do you say. You’re not going to say “I’m here” because he’s already said that. tarradellas. You won’t say “I’m back” because that’s lola flowers. You can say, “I’ve never left,” but as it is true, it doesn’t matter much if a party leader says it. You can say: hello. The bad thing is that they answer you: shell.

“Moreno would be the ideal candidate for PP to beat. Sanchez» is an affirmation that will be consistent and consistent with what is being said about Moreno these days. Praises, dithyrambs and praises are pouring in on him and rightly so, and he seems to have the magic potion to overcome the Romans as well as the socialists, the Vox, the left, Ayuism, and even climate change, deforestation and its effects, as well as the Gauls. Pandemic. Moreno is trendy and elegant. And thinner. It was accepted yesterday by the crowd at the national board in Genoa. Many people prefer to write the scent of the crowd, but as you taught us. Lazarus Carter Crowds stink but that doesn’t mean we have to change the meaning of the idiom, it’s to praise one thing and sniff another.

One headline says Sánchez fears the Moreno influence. Another says that Sánchez is preparing to counter the Moreno influence. Let’s see if PP will stick the secret formula for success under his nose and leave it in Andalusia.

-Hey, but are you saying this seriously?

unamuno He told us that we should always see “to whom this eulogy is directed” and that we should not ignore that some of the eulogies to Moreno (if he has letters) were also intended to ridicule. Ayuso. In other words, to destroy it, to undermine it. To put it in its place. In any case, there are two styles in PP, three (hollow on one side and the same on the other) if manualism is added, and the ideal would be to fit all three. As if a store can’t sell various kinds of clothing. I don’t know if the comparison is good but I’m at Zara.

Many other compliments go against what they mean. Paul Married and easiness are definite and sincere praise. At least in one of its variants it has had some success: stop the feet of Vox, a formation that has some ideas, not feet.

The Moreno influence will be imitated, and we will have a time, if not an age, when moderation, a friendly character, and a cross personality are what is appropriate and selectively profitable. Feijóo is already a bit Moreno from the moment he does it. Elijah Bendodo the man you trust. Bendodo was responsible for the election campaign and the actions of the Board. He now works for Feijóo. Tell me your secret, the Galician will ask. You need a tan Alberto, the Malaga man can answer.

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