It is consistent, solidly class-conscious, and strong in making competitive blocks. To achieve this, he must always put himself on the same level as his players, so that the locker room as a whole can breathe, so that everyone feels equally important. Vincent Parrasis never metaphorical. The Alicante coach, who will turn 47 in November, is firm in his belief that he will not sign his renewal until all members of the squad are updated (for those who will not continue in the Deportivo discipline). or with those who want to continue the next course, definitive agreements are signed.

Far from putting pressure on the board, Parras stayed on the sidelines, hoping Alcoyanist leaders would make progress in resolving liquidity issues that needed to be resolved before June 30 to avoid complaints about non-payment at the Spanish Footballers’ Association. compelling AFE to open and force a file administrative origin From the team.

Although no one at Alcoyano valued this scenario, Parras, the club’s sporting director, said: Jose Luis Gonzalezweeks ago the coach from Alicante said I would renew 98%, told his closest circle that the most honest thing is to wait until everyone gets their debt before signing anything. This is not a measure of active pressure (although everyone understands that the coach is one of the keys to Alcoyan’s sporting success in recent campaigns), but statement of intent This defines Parras’ existential stance.

Deportivo needs to settle debts so that AFE does not open a file and force its administrative descent.

this treasure stress A humble team is common and becomes more acute at the end of the course. The revenue promised by the creation of the first RFEF was not met and it had consequences. In the case of Deportivo, payrolls stopped being collected in April. There are 2 monthly payments of the players whose contracts expire on May 31, and the payments of 3 players, including Alicante’s coach, who have contracts until 30 June.

The intentions and actions initiated by Alcoyano are aimed at solving a major problem like this, so concerns over the renewal of Vicente Parras are only relative. With one of the lowest budgets in the league, Alcoyano was fighting to get into the league. promotional play-offs He reached the Second and permanence (his true purpose) long before the penultimate day.

Eldense powered by midfielder Fran Carnicer

Making his debut in the First RFEF next season, Eldense has announced his first contribution to the new course of midfielder Fran Carnicer from Linares Deportivo, with whom he played a few days ago, to promote to the Second Division.

Fran Carnicer 31 yearshas a proven track record after beating Real Jaén, Mirandés, Osasuna B, La Hoya Lorca, Real Murcia, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Ponferradina and Linares Deportivo, to which it belongs for the last three seasons. Andalusians have documented two promotions, of which he is important.

For Jaen, Fran Carnicer played the promotion stage to the Second Division after playing on aggregate. 36 matchesadding 2,270 minutes when he scored six goals. Eldense’s first signature joins the goalkeeper’s renovations Guille Vallejomidfielder Pedro Kapo and forwards Albert Ramis LuqueInternational’s nephew and ex-franchiverde with Red Albert Luque Nacho Ramon. Deportivo reported casualties days ago Moses, Andrada, Joaquin Rodriguez and Julen Gutierrez.