Health Sciences at the University of Alicante

From fifth position to first position: This is the result of an assessment of Nursing degree studies from the last four years at the Universitat d’Alacant (UA). An analysis of the CYD Foundation (Information and Development Foundation), which has been analyzing the reality and potential of our country’s universities since 2002. All this by an entity created to defend the economic and social development of the State as well as the business sector. I won’t go into reviewing members who are part of the Board of Trustees, but I can assure you that there are representatives of major business groups, among others.

Our university is not among the 15 countries with the highest performance indicators according to the CYD Ranking –only within the University of Valencia-Estudi General-. Likewise, only the Polytechnic University of Valencia in our Autonomous Community stands out in the field of research, which is one of the indicators. All this in a framework where all Valencian universities, together with Navarra, Catalonia and the Basque Country, have achieved higher performance indicators in the research dimension.

The research offers interesting data such as Medicine, Nursing and Mathematics of the most preferred departments for pre-registration request to the university. The new post-pandemic reality, far from professional choices, has reinforced historical interest in health sciences studies. Therefore, the increasing trend in the demand for Medicine heralds good results for the academic year 2023-2024 initiated by UA. Apart from demand, we cannot escape the evidence: We need experts in this field in our society.

The construction of this degree, which has saved the work for UA since the forced departure of the previous Faculty of Medicine, as affiliated with the Universitat Miguel Hernández d’Elx in 1996, is a challenge for our university community. A design that will not be exempt from discussion due to the possible negative consequences it may have on other centers and the economic reorganization that may arise. Good management of resources will be able to reduce the doubts that arise. As a result, this societal mission that equates to a public university like ours has a core foundation: the Faculty of Health Sciences with degrees in Nursing and Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Faculty of Science with degrees. Biology and Chemistry, among others. For this reason, UA has far more resources than the old School of Medicine had: teachers and researchers in the biomedical fields, laboratories, and even health-related institutional chairs.

Recent recognition of nursing studies confirms this excellence. An example of the professionalism of those responsible for this degree in terms of management, with the current dean, José Antonio HurtadoValued academic and researcher within the Spanish university system. At the same time, in the list of the world’s top universities published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2003, the UA Nursing degree has reached the 201st place in an analysis that crosses data from 4,000 higher education centers. This is the starting point, the professional excellence of UA teachers and researchers, on which the future Medical degree will be built. At a time when we valued the brevity of writings, Leonardo da Vinci wrote one of his reflections, which we can now consider an “aphorism” that could synthesize the greatest value our university has in the face of this challenge: In fact, he has such an edge that when he praises small things, he glorifies them.” That’s right, the external recognition of our Nursing degree through objective data undoubtedly predicts the value and quality that our future work in Medicine will have for our society.

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