Shakira was not imprisoned

The experiment of inserting a strange clause into telephone or bank contracts, such as “the client agrees to cut off his finger every Monday”, making sure that no one will notice this sharp section, is often repeated. In the case filed by the Tax Office against Shakira, multimillion-dollar tax evasion was widely documented and recognized by its protagonist, the same social research should have been done. Headlines such as “They want 100 years of imprisonment for the singer” and “They want 3,500 years of forced labor for the artist” would go as unnoticed as the ones that were published. There is a very simple reason for the numerical indifference: no one reads a contract, nor even imagines that a character with the superior strength of the Colombian woman could go to prison. And if anyone doubts this chain logic, he can deny it by answering just one question: How many years in prison did the prosecution ask for Shakira on the day her trial began?

Regardless of the size of the fraud committed, there was no jail time for Shakira or Messi; There was much less prison time for a crowned head. Prisons were not designed to house major figures like Rodrigo Rato, and at some point it will be necessary to explain why all-powerful politicians do not have the same level of shielding as great artists. Helpful was the reliable evidence that it was easier for a popular jury to convict Harvey Weinstein, a monster unknown to most citizens, than to convict Kevin Spacey or Johnny Depp, who were invested in the aura of fantastic performances. They belong to the dreams of the people, just like kings.

It should be established in advance that a deal with a celebrity involving the receipt of a million dollars for hospitals and schools should always be welcomed. We are not interfering here with the ordinary level of money, but rather with the functioning of the lofty Olympic mansions. When an agreement is reached with Shakira, Messi and others, the image of submission to the laws of myths that are gods rather than gods becomes widespread, but rather the truce is interpreted as the concession of the untouchables. This happened, for example, when the population was asked to thank Juan Carlos I for his enforced compliance with tax duties.

The essentially economic punishment that Shakira accepted should have included a request to correct the lyrics of her title song, which would be read later. “Women don’t cry, women bill and pay taxes.” Thus any claims of altruism to the private jet myths are demolished, and the masses refuse to allow any court to challenge the star-sinking privilege if they want a populist interpretation of the phenomenon. This will happen, but only when the plebs decide to do so.

Source: Informacion


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