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How difficult it is to leave a museum. At first it was difficult to enter: there were few people who did not want to be bored even in death among the oil paintings, statues, stuffed animals and mummies from ancient civilizations. Now that the most important piece in the museum is the person photographed next to the Mona Lisa, the only thing blocking entry to the museum is the line at the door.

If you get distracted on Spanish streets, it’s easy to wander into a museum without realizing it, pure proliferation, because the mayors really love them and allocate them buildings that their neighbors would want as homes. There is no public housing policy, but there is a museum policy in competition with private enterprise, because the tax-cutting, art-speculating millionaires do not want still life in the dining room, like bourgeois or naked pagan gods in the living room. room, like kings. Millionaires want a museum bearing their name and showing their investments in art in order to pay less taxes, earn more money and improve public relations. Millionaires don’t think of hitting their testicles with a hammer, nor do they think of building housing for the poor.

Millionaires and slum dwellers enjoy abandoned buildings and old facilities of outdated industries, but millionaires restore them better because they outsource technique and aesthetics to architects.

There were not even any ministers left from Podemos, but when that party took its first parliamentary seat, it gave the municipality building the same slum atmosphere as the buildings it was created in, and turned the municipal balconies into tents for minority ideologies.

It is not clear why city councils are not asked to pay more attention to neighbors on the street rather than artistic objects in beautiful historical and avant-garde buildings. Since there is no difference in flat prices and auctions of large pieces at Sotheby’s, city councils need to build houses instead of museums.

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