Engineer Michel-Yves Bolloré and businessman Olivier Bonnassies publish the book “God – Science – Tests: The dawn of a revolution” and they created a stir. In this book, they argue for the existence of God on scientific grounds, and according to journalist Víctor M. Amela, the authors declare: “So much science, so much God!”. Amela, together with Ima Sanchís and Lluís Amiguet, is responsible for La Vanguardia’s “contra” interviews. They asked thousands of people in that episode. existence of god and they published seven thousand different answers. Be careful, seven thousand. They are not few. God, his existence, and his nature are clearly a trend. And most people go crazy thinking about it.

I spent hours in churches. At first out of necessity, then out of necessity peace. When I was little, I would sit on a bench and observe people entering and exiting, lighting candles, kneeling, and reciting rosaries. Most of them were elderly. I guess we just gotta hold on while life goes on the hope that a part of who we are will transcend and it will last over time. It is unthinkable that the love we feel for our children and our complicity with the people we love will disappear with us. My father said it was impossible for all his passion for life to end with his death. I hope that’s the case and that he continues to listen wherever he is. Frank Sinatra. My friend Joan Pere said that her real goddess is her mother. He appealed to her in some way “Oh mom!” whenever he gets worried, excited or happy. Mothers, good mothers, are those closest to my understanding of what God should be. Protective, loving and extravagant of prosperity and unconditionality.

I keep the kitchen windows open and listen to a group of friends talking while I make lentils. youth. They asked each other, “Would you rather sleep in a haunted house or be locked in a box full of spiders?” they ask. Laugh. A girl asked “Would you rather win a million euros or talk to God?” he asks. Silence. A young man with acne says he prefers it earn money. Everyone but one is nodding and joking. “I choose to speak. “I would ask her what I should do so that the million euros don’t matter to me,” she says. I look out to see that smart girl’s face and declare myself her fan. I stir the lentils and think about what to ask her.

If it is possible to always be one with the people we love and will love. If emotions survive us. If you think about it Church It must modernize and set an example. If anything, sometimes we forget its existence. If my grandmother listens to me when I tell her that I love her madly and madly. If the concept of sin as a punishing yoke could now disappear from the face of the earth. If you like music, play or being in contact with nature is not akin to being connected to it. soul. Yes, as Bonnassies and Bolloré say, science guarantees its existence. If this were the case, there would be relief and the anxieties and headaches would disappear. By the way, lentils are very delicious.

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