Wise King of the East

is that news Juan Carlos I flies to Galicia eating pincers and riding on a float Is it exciting for a son to have lunch with his father, even though they’re both kings and there’s a risk of using swords in the end? A Spanish monarch’s rough trip to Spain followed in anticipation for the restoration of the crown, to be exact. institution that the seafarer discredits with notable insatiability and economic performance can also be proven by the incomparable Corinna, who was confiscated by the courts.

A Spaniard travels by plane, not seen like this since Eurovision. The undoubted virtue of consolidating the throne takes on an unsettling point of view. Observe the suffering of Juan Carlos I He received the title of Carlos Fuentes for cutting the legs of the Eagle’s chair. It is unknown why the long-lived monarch fled and why he returned. The only certainty is the fact that he is always looking for the option that will hurt his son the most, and points to a government that, incidentally, is on the left.

The headline, which never existed, reads: “Juan Carlos I is flying today from Bahrain to Geneva carrying the two-million-euro cash bag given to him by the sultan.” It was more interesting news than participating in a race, because its hero was also Head of State at the time. During the forty years of his reign, he spent more than two years abroad, now in exile. And no one dared to suggest that the hustle and bustle required a minimum of transparency.

Felipe González headed the Government When the King once again declared that because he was on Swiss territory, a legal text could not be published, without the possibility of signing it. Juan Carlos I. I was hunting in Africa without the slightest scrutiny or knowledge of the Government when a Spanish military helicopter crashed in Afghanistan and killed 17 people. Not to mention the elephant ride to Botswana. On the other hand, today every leaf of the planetary route of Emeritus is known, as if a rocker on a triumphant tour.

The father’s airport-to-airport overexposure deals with the usual victim, his son’s credibility. The Magic King of the East generates more commentary than bringing the republic to Spain as a tribute. Its almost exhibitionistic transparency contrasts with the opacity of its son. Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz’s days spent enjoying idyllic holidays abroad are unknown. It was Juan Carlos I who called them from the Caribbean with more than urgency for Easter liturgy in Mallorca, hastily back with cumbersome records in Miami. Deceived republicans should at least ensure that monarchs report on their luxury outings while in power, not just when they’re forced to leave La Zarzuela.

Juan Carlos I settled in the United Arab Emirates He hates it because the atmosphere of Arabian Nights is VI. It would become more unbearable for Felipe and Pedro Sánchez than considering Putin’s Scheherazade yacht for Europe. The Spanish King of Arabia obtained the absolute majority of the royal family in the desert, bringing together his daughters and nieces and confined to his hated son couple and couple.

There is no institution more secretive than the monarchy. According to payment enthusiasts, the institution’s innate exemplaryness eliminates the always arduous task of reviewing. But scandals leaking through the wall of silence reaffirm that immunity and impunity are synonymous. Traffic lights prevail because there’s someone watchingIn the absence of the preservative, color blindness prevails.

The detailed journey of the Wise Men from the East is validated by a marketing reinterpretation for Sanxenxo. No one can deny that a monarch’s holiday requires considerable publicity, but only because the singer did not leave the galaxy of shows with audience records, without reaching the tourist publicity recorded by Chanel.

With all due respect to the people who miss Destruction of his personality at the hands of visitors, tourism is more bi-directional than omnivorous, with no hesitation in self-cultivation in Auschwitz or Chernobyl. In any case, this is how the statue of one of Spain’s longest-lived heads of state embodies in fierce competition with its predecessor, who can be immortalized in his equestrian statues in his reverse baseball cap and shorts.

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