Registrations and rights

Spain, with all its ingredients, has become a wonderful set on which an endless spy movie is represented: intelligence services, police, judges and, above all, unscrupulous politicians.

The records of a certain Villarejo are a paradigm of dangerous relations between many actors and those who are called. But at the same time, its disclosure and use in inappropriate places to play with serious stuff like Congress is a symptom of the corruption of public life and democratic institutions.

Confusing all of them in a magma of unknown origin, their source, single or multiple author of the captures or captures, The intervention of Villarejo as an individual or as a “camouflaged part of the State” somehow connected with the police or intelligence services. Nothing is known about it and everything gets complicated when it is confirmed. seen old New last week, referring to past events and persons who have been tried or provisionally acquitted, these were not recorded, they were never recorded in civil cases.

In this sense, the value of what is published with great ostentation is purely propaganda, at least now useless to the process and doubtful of its future effectiveness, since its The suspicious character is the result of a previous undercover volunteer. It is useful to consider the reason why the holders of such documents kept them and now published them, instead of sending them to the judge who had tried the case before, who had not done so before. The person acting in this way may be aware of their apparent illegality, their illegal origin, they may have intrigues behind them that prevent them from being brought to court, but they may have their own power and values. outside of legally established channels. .

And yet, the purpose of the leak must be sought elsewhere, which appears to be nothing more than electoral interests. urgent elections more than the power that explains and sustains everything.

So that no one would suspect, if such actions enter a process, their origins will be investigated, which will face serious obstacles and perhaps even Hz. security, the interference of those working in confidential areas and therefore pressure to keep their work from being exposed and even less has led to a process in which unsolicited connections can be found.

Courts, in this sense, and if they have access to it, which I doubt, should investigate the source of the published records, identify their authors, and above all, Clarify whether obtaining them is legal or criminal. I understand that the sector that claims that a section of the board has made public the actions of the CNI on such a serious matter as Catalonia’s declaration of independence is uninterested in examining this information thoroughly.

Recording of a private conversation is legal if done by one of the communicators, but voices are starting to appear alleging possible illegality due to data protection violations. While the Supreme Court has only stated that it is absolutely illegal for that person to pretend to be a “camouflaged part of the State”, it is always illegal for someone recording a foreign conversation to be a third party. Villarejo was able and sanctioned to act in collusion with public officials or services of this nature, so that anything now brought to the attention of citizens could be absolutely void if not criminal. Showing complacency with facts of this nature is a sign of time that we must urgently overcome.

Everything is very complicated and in front of the courts in this conspiracy, whose origin is a former police officer, working on spy duties for a Ministry, complexity, doubt, ambiguity, should be rejected as a means of investigation and proof. Only in this way can we achieve the deterrent effect that the violation of fundamental rights should cause. It is urgent to do so in the face of so much discontent with the system, even if they only preach the benefits that are in their authoritarian and privileged minds.

Let us know that a political class, especially devoid of humility and sense of the State, the democratic system cannot be based on illegal activities. The democratic system is incompatible with the uncontrollable, with the granting of investigative powers to third parties without legal guarantees. Criminal investigation bodies are perfectly controlled. The CNI has a field that should not be changed; The change of direction with the emergence of previously unknown elements raises some doubts because of the proximity between one action and another.

Nothing is kept forever, and to bet on breaking the rules is to take risks that could prove future proof. Higher towers fell.

Source: Informacion


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