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cycle Gil Albert dedicated to women from Alicante who have been successful in different fields little roseA name in the rhythmic gymnastics world whose name has been very familiar to me for years, but never had the pleasure of seeing or dealing with.

meeting with Toni Cabot at Casa Bardín was more than revealing. Needless to say, the hour-and-a-half meeting was short-lived given his charisma and energy. A journalist specializing in sports, Cabot realized that Alicante’s shining in two disciplines was judo (she wrote a book about Miriam Blasco) and gymnastics.

But her surprise came when she learned that Carolina Pascual’s historic coach and many of her champions, who have shared the field with Emilia Boneva and gotten away with it more than once, are also committed to politics. The player who works as a proxy at the Valencia Courts and was seen with Marzà for Sport until last week.

While listening to Rosa Menor, seeing her demeanor, reading her facial expressions, I couldn’t help but think of the lost mayor of the city of Alicante. Beyond ideologies, I believe the latest municipal corporations are far from measuring. I think a long time ago a Little Rose was required to carry the staff of command. A solid person. Effective. He is demanding because he is the first to give everything. Someone who will try to get the highest score for a city that has been at the bottom of all kinds of competitions for too long and is leading the ugliest rankings. Alicante would be on the podium while Rosa Menor was in ‘national team mode’.

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