the virus is still there

It gives the impression that there is citizen awareness and belief that the Covid virus is a thing of the past and that we will remember it as a scourge of humanity that only lasted for two years until March 2022. But that’s not the truth, but quite different considering the fact if you realize that most of your acquaintances have contracted the virus. Some repeat it, others take it for the first time, taking personal comfortable preventive measures against contamination.

Because the truth is that this has become a matter of personal surveillance, occupation and personal concern and how this issue needs to be addressed and handled now. be careful not to loosen to avoid contamination. However, it is far from that, the impression it gives is the opposite and that citizens do not take containment and prevention measures against COVID and “Impressed” with the belief that “this has already happened”, when it doesn’t, because the virus is still with us. Also, causing infections and in some cases creating specific problems due to its harmful side effects occurring in some cases.

The important thing, of course, is that we get back to our lives and the desire for businesses to get their rhythm back and those who run them put in all their efforts to keep them afloat, because there is also the desire to open businesses that is reflected. It shows the acceleration of this province in the opening of buildings with all kinds of social objects and because the sooner the recovery the better. And that spirit is what people see in consumption and going out and big, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the imagination and the desire to do something and constantly move forward.

Now we have to realize that in order for this to be true and for us not to fall again. This virus is not like the regular flu we know because there are people with unknown consequences so far. And the thing is that while science has come a long way in fighting this virus, it is true and true that the mix of all the evils it may carry behind is also unknown, and many of the things that happen and affect health may have to do with the consequences from COVID. For this reason, and for this reason, common sense is never a bad adviser, and moving on does not prevent us from remembering all that we have been through, as well as the evils that have ravaged humanity over the past two years. This seems like a nightmare or science fiction movie to expect any evil complementary to what we have experienced before from the eruption of volcanoes, phylomena, war, drastic change of weather and other situations accompanying the evils of the virus. emerged as harmful elements capable of sweetening our existence.

Whatever it may be, what is certain and true is that we must help health services so that they can rely on their resources to deal with this and other serious problems that humanity is suffering and other problems that may come, because we have seen that at the expense of dealing with diseases and viruses that may threaten humanity and this it’s not worth it without a strong system that only responds to demands with a desire to progress.

On the one hand, health is the most important service we have. We’ve known this before, but now that the truth has come out, a society with a well-employed, specialized and prepared health system is a primary necessity. On the other hand, we should not forget that prevention and care are the basic rules of behavior that we must maintain in order to protect ourselves. And it depends on each of us. And it’s not about whether masks are mandatory, it’s about protecting ourselves and doing it with others where there may be a risk of contamination. Because all these things may bother us, but this is the case, and whatever the need for reviving old customs and reviving the economy, everything should be done according to our experiences and taking precautions. to avoid turning into waves and tides. Because reliving the bad experience would be a real drama that we should avoid at all costs.

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