Childhood intelligence as a television enrichment tool

As a general rule, though the Spaniards are a solidaristic people, especially if their heroes are minors, they are sincerely affected by the misfortune of others and fervently protest as they watch reports of them working hard with sacks in Third World countries. It ends with slouching on his back in the mineral deposits, then enjoying (i.e.) a pre-teen performance on another television channel with a remote control in hand, dressed as a door, in an unsuitable outfit for his age. , interprets an English song whose translation into Romance paladino is full of overtones that are inappropriate for people of his generation. Another of the many paradoxes we have to digest in these times. There will be those who think that I am exaggerating and that the two situations described above are incomparable. However, it seems to me that although no political party, union, child advocacy organization or non-governmental organization has made a statement or taken any action on this issue, both contain forms of child abuse that have many commonalities.

Needless to say, I am strongly against competitions that serve as an impressive tool to enrich private television by leveraging the artistic qualities of young participants. Behind this look of flavored mastery lurks a magnificent million-dollar business and a very effective weapon to win the relentless battle of the audience. But because the human capacity for self-deception is endless, the organizers of these shows often defend themselves by saying that they were there of their own volition, and that they knew very well, despite the number appearing on the identity cards of the contestants in question. What do they want. And I think that’s where the real fallacy lies, because by the same rule of thumb they may decide to stop going to school or not to take a medicine their pediatrician prescribes, just to name a few. examples.

No matter how artistically gifted they may be, no matter how strong their personalities, all boys and girls are called to live a normal childhood. That is why psychology persistently warns of the danger of ruining this fundamental stage in the formation of personality and reaching maturity without a solid foundation, as far as possible from a false idea of ​​success. Boys and girls need to accumulate positive experiences and receive high-quality stimuli, but these are always appropriate for their level of internal and external development. In this particular case of those who sing and dance in imitation of their idols, both their mothers and fathers, as well as the acting, production, casting and program managers seem to forget their rights, or at least temporarily park them. to work as hard and competitively as adults.

Even the Administration itself does not make the minimum effort when it comes to reviewing working conditions. In fact, the legal status of this group is not adequately regulated. Some conditions are requested and permits are granted for recruitment, but compliance with grueling schedules (costumes, hairdressing, make-up, rehearsals, waiting time in locker rooms) is rarely tracked far beyond its brief on-screen appearance. controversial delight of millions of viewers. Although the hypothetical desire for glory of daughters and sons often hides the unfulfilled dreams of those who brought them into this world, it is preferable to wait until they grow up and, until then, respect their anonymity and enroll them in a conservatory or dance. school. . Above all, for his own good.

Source: Informacion


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