Show the firm the willingness to live without fear

A good friend of mine who teaches at a school in the south of Tenerife sent me a video a while ago, and it has helped me think and inspired many articles. In it, a teacher gave an account of an exercise he had ordered from his students, and consisting of commenting on the contents of a leaf previously distributed. There was only a black dot in the middle of the white page, and the job was to write down what each of the boys and girls saw. Absolutely everyone focused on identifying the dark spot. Not a single one of them referred to the net part.covering more than ninety percent of the area.

When the review was over, the teacher conveyed to the students that she was surprised that no one had mentioned black versus white, and used this to draw a parallel with life itself. AND Probably the same thing happens to him.. The dark spot that turns into health problems, unemployment, lack of money or complicated personal relationships obscures our minds. However, the wider light zone is often not noticed.

Perhaps this was the spirit that inspired composers James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Galt MacDermot half a century ago with their version of “A’int Got No-I Got Life” featured on the soundtrack of the musical “Hair”. more emotional at the beginning of the unforgettable Nina Simone. In it, the unforgettable singer lists a number of products that she does not own. He has no home, no shoes, no wealth, no class. No skirt, no bed, no perfume. Lacking culture, man, mother. It has no god or symbol. He doesn’t even have a friend. Then she wonders why she’s alive. What do you have that no one can take from you?. And he begins to give details about his brain, head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and smile. It refers to his arms, hands, feet, and legs. It implies breasts, sex, blood, heart, soul and freedom. And finally, he cries out that he has a life, and what’s more, he will hold it.

Perhaps this was the spirit that prompted French director Blandine Lenoir to use this extraordinary song as the background for one of the most moving scenes in “50 Springs,” which French actress Agnés Jaoui convincingly brought to life and humorously portrayed. Aurore is a newly unemployed woman who almost simultaneously receives the news that her eldest daughter is going to be her grandmother. Dragging a half-century of already completed and stagnant existence, reunites by chance with an old teen lovecauses a severe earthquake at all levels. Even so, it’s hard for him to accept from the start that this might be the perfect opportunity to start a new phase in his life that will save him from the many insecurities and frustrations that have accumulated. Of course I won’t say the end, but I will always agree with the theory that you can start from scratch and point out the good side of everything. That’s why I insist on repeating that I love turning points. because they remind me of this No matter how much noise and chaos I perceive in the environment, there are only decisions that depend on me.. And for giving me a reason every day, no matter how bad, to celebrate the privilege of being alive and to show my resolute will to live without fear.

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