And now who is stopping the British press in Benidorm?

And now who will put an end to a provocative front page about the quality of the British press? Benidorm beaches?. It’s useless that the water of Poniente beach – even better than that of Levante, which has already been said – for my taste – is “good” quality to join in to see what the beach is like, as we attended this Wednesday. Benidormi The European Commission – no longer there today – created the badge certifying the health and service of European beaches. The untimely discharge of dirt-laden rainwater from valleys flowing into the beach in June 2021, sampled by the Ministry of the Environment, caused the water to be more turbid than usual. The parameter that, after being thrown into the shaker for the last four years (the period in which the average is taken), will reduce the quality by a few tenths from “excellent” to “good” is the same ones, those that can distinguish the elite. record honorary. As a result, Benidorm City Council will not be able to raise its flag this summer, and the damage to tourist image will be unpredictable as the city moves towards consolidation of its recovery. Guilty? Of course no one can stop a storm from filling a valley with polluted water, but a worthy Department of Beaches should check every debate, because it’s not the same as losing the blue flag on the Costa Blanca, and at least more so than in Benidorm, a remote municipality in the north of Spain. Something is wrong, as in time to allow the military to patrol the Levante coast (pandemic) or allow tourists to scorch in the sun while the beaches have restrictions. Tourism is security, service, cleaning… “lobbies”, This is what the nonprofit association that donates flags has become. And of course, it takes a long time for the City Council to announce that the valleys will no longer pour their waters onto the beach. By the way, I’m sure the water will be perfect when the measurement is done again next month, don’t hesitate.

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