consumers are stupid

Ignacio Sánchez Galán refined the culmination of marketing with four words: “Consumers are stupid”. The president of Iberdrola is just annual salary of 13 million euros not in the midst of a pandemic, the catastrophe reaches an intelligible expression even for the middle classes. The genius of public relations referred to customers of the regulated tariff, but by declaring these ten million unhappy people stupid or hitting 26 million as he always playfully suggested, the anti-democrats are starting to notice too much.

Once the Sánchez Galán Law of contemporary idiots has been established and that leaves it of course, all that remains is to decide whether Vox’s power is defeated under this urge for stupidity. Or perhaps the moderate far right is thriving right in the land of idiots created by great men like Sánchez Galán. In relevant numerical language, consumers would hardly have tolerated the head of Iberdrola receiving only a thousand times more salary than the average worker in a basic service and therefore insured business, if they were not so stupid. . He brags about idiots with his own experience.

According to inviolable economic judgment, Sánchez Galán is equivalent to the income of a thousand idiots, a successful outcome for his professional career. One wonders the echoes of the hydropower declaration that Spain is a land of idiots. Vice-presidents Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz responded with composure, perhaps hoping, like many future retired politicians, to earn a millionaire’s salary in the energy sector. More incomprehensible is the reaction of the journalistic middle classes. If an independentist raises the slightest doubt about national coexistence, he should be jailed for the coup. When a collective slur comes from a president of Ibex, it’s the job of Sánchez Galán. Even dressed as an honorary comedian is humiliating for a marketing giant. Others will say you have to be too stupid to take Sánchez Galán seriously, but the prices and salary justify him.

Source: Informacion

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