The hard road to normalcy

Both of these Nunez Feijoo Y Pedro Sánchez paraded on the podium of the Barcelona Economic Circle by donning his suits on different occasions and posting his belongings in front of this business organization that yearned to be a direct part and a grand coalition between PP and PSOE. three musketeers “one for all, all for one”. Unity of action to strike major government deals on energy and pensions, an income agreement to share the costs of inflation, or a cross-generational solidarity agreement with “largely forgotten” youth. Contribute to this cause without giving up the government alternation. Would many voters soon vote for Sánchez if he said he would merge with the PP, or if they did?

The legislature is in a storm, and the instability of the coalition Executive reigns for now, after getting off the beaten track. In a dehumanized world where people are simple consumers, numbers, discarded goods, or customers of a trading machine, the consolidation of economic recovery is the main goal. In a free contagion society and a quiet seventh wave where “every man for himself” wins and the most vulnerable don’t matter, everyone is very happy. Epidemiologists warn. Official relief and crowds gallop, and misinformation, abandonment of functions, new cases and variants of the virus dominate, with more or less virulence. We are not talking about prehistory, but a still-living epidemic. This isn’t about being spoilsports.

On the rough road to normalization, Sánchez once again showcases his “Handbook of Resistance” on the one hand, and on the other hand, Yolanda Díaz’s labor reform with uncertain contracts and positive effects for more than 20 million Social Security members. And this self-interested business club is “the hole for said reform to include wages,” as CEOE claims.

Here are the “solid foundations” that are legitimate as long as no one crosses the border, despite the crisis due to the war in Ukraine and the spying on the independence movement (even within the legal framework). Meeting or disagreement between Sánchez and Sánchez Peter Aragonese? You cannot spy on your fraternity and your neighbor at the same time to “avoid risks”. So, the clumsiness of “procés” and this parody or spy funny. None of the electoral advance Feijóo is currently demanding will benefit.

The wound is still open. And the path of institutional normalization should continue for the benefit of the population so that this scandal disappears and the election horizon is set at the end of 2023. Socialist government and cracks in United We Can, if that’s what you desire. they can’t stand it. Or the presidential minister’s disagreements, fire extinguisher felix bolanosand the Minister of Defense, Margaret Oaks, for the Pegasus case. Mutual quarrels are unfortunate. It is not about discrediting the intelligence services themselves, but the storm requires actions so that the anticyclone is possible and that internal and external disorder and weakness are overcome. Is it reasonable and democratic to spy on the political opposition?

We add to all this that there are “deep state sectors that question democracy”, as stated in the book “Face to Face”, and the lie as a very fashionable source. Memories of the Wild Years, the fruit of the conversation between Paul’s churchesformer vice president and journalist author Riveiro. In other words, “the judiciary, the police, the media, and the economic far right, who refuse to accept the rules of liberal democracy when political forces whose ideas they don’t like enter the Cabinet or form part of the investment bloc.” What would some people in government do if they acted disgracefully without their involvement?

Source: Informacion


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