There is more shadow, space in the background

The government does not accept economic measures. Nunez FeijooThe “responsible” plan with the basic idea of ​​lowering taxes and tax requirements that are not even applauded by the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund or the Bank of Spain. Organizations that advise against tax cuts as a means to compensate for the rise in prices caused by inflation. PP insists on this “concrete and ephemeral” story. And it goes out. Because it is no longer the “big tax cut” that Feijóo has announced in every corner of the country.

In other words, the anti-crisis decree dealing with the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine does not bear the signature of the leader of the People’s Party, who aims to become a statesman. Some do not care about the interests of the population, but the constant attempt to harm the Executive. Spying on the Catalan independence movement prevented the ERC from getting the positive vote. But it went further.

The Pegasus case still stands and needs clarification. Debugging responsibilities if necessary. This is the tip of the iceberg. In order to neutralize the ugly issue a little, the opportunistic announcement Pedro Sanchez and the Minister of Defense, Margaret OaksHe spied with Pegasus in May and June 2021, both of whom were in trouble. You know. Spy as much as possible! This should not cover “Catalangat” and what the cyber espionage issue in Spain reveals is lack of control, possible complicity or incompetence.

Legislative knees are weak and walking a tightrope. When one obstacle seems to have been skipped, another similar or worse arises. Relations with coalition government partners are going from shock to shock. And they can get worse. Conservative forces pray and say “amen” every day. In this prolonged period of perpetual turmoil, there is also the impetus for a new world economic and geopolitical order. Pandemic and bombs Putin they succeed, and far-right roots develop in the breeding ground.

The fact of the two blocks is emphasized. West and east. The globalization of the last 30 years is not on the way, but interdependencies between countries can smooth the course of the ship. It has been a crisis with its ups and downs since 2007, and even if it is overcome sooner or later, the landscape will continue to offer many shadows on the horizon, according to indications. An even more unjust model and a depreciating democratic order. More savage capitalism and a loss of power of States.

Meanwhile, Labor Day was celebrated with demands. Control prices, increase wages or achieve greater equity. A fairer social economy. This requires prosecution of fraud and tax evasion. Billions do not reach the public coffers and there is a lot of unnecessary waste of public spending. Will this ever be fixed? It is part of this system of things where the public debt is unpaid and the interest paid is a lucrative business for those who buy it.

“The Future, What’s Next?” I suggest you take a look at his book. Keys to survival beyond the pandemic from the economist” Santiago Nino-Becerra. In this direction, it predicts an increase in unemployment and inequality. Climate change will inevitably take its course. And the bread, the circus and the use of technology will continue to act like a glass of alcohol for the staff to escape and not be too distracted. It’s not pessimism. It is the confirmation of some facts. Seventh wave? I leave it there.

Source: Informacion

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