As in Rick’s Cafe

In the mid-nineties, with the audacity of someone endowed with the all-purpose Naseiro gene, he pressed the red button in the control room, handed it over to another newly created Alicante Medical University, so that it could take flight under his control. Today Miguel Hernández has earned a foothold and has many arguments to defend his raison d’etre. So, given Consell’s decision to have UA reclaim stolen faculty and teach the classes once again, the UMH rector’s reaction was logical, and given his expertise in the field of genetics where he works, how inherited characters are passed down has made it clear: ” This is a political decision.” How well seen.

When he made the statement that he made this diagnosis, I thought he was doing it with the idea of ​​confirming a fact that would seem appropriate to those with responsibilities on the campuses the institution hosts. But he just expanded on the subject and said the move was “crazy because they don’t even have a building and they say they’re going to start work”. What does he say to me!? When you look back 26 years, you will encounter a similar situation again. He also remembers another, more famous, who played in “Casablanca” Captain Renault and proclaimed “what a scandal, what a scandal, I discovered that they played here” before laying his hand at Rick’s Café, what will happen in these movies? As soon as the parts say the budget breakdown, here I am.

More attention was drawn to the fact that these contradictory points were exposed only through the internal radio of the academic institution during the festive hours of the “Day of Freedom of the Press,” with journalistic isolation. In this case, it doesn’t seem like a good example for students either.

Source: Informacion


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