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On Monday I dreamed the dream I had on Tuesday. Dream within a dream. Box within a box. Another day in a day. If the market were a large box, when opened, the Saturday box would appear with Friday’s box inside, and so on until it reached the Monday box, which would be a tiny, tiny box. the box is like the last of the matrioskas of the famous Russian toy. This means that the days only contain another day in themselves. A mental patient I visited recently told me:

-The market is huge, wide, long, very voluminous, so it fits all week.

The vision shook me, finally forcing me to imagine that life was nothing but this: an empty day in another empty day, an empty week in another empty week, an empty month in another empty month, an empty year in another empty year. . hollow year… The current year fits all the years we live in. We can go through them with memory, like the person who opened the mastrioscas in search of ultimate disappointment. We all know what we will find in the end, but we are all tempted to make this journey. A matryoshka is an anti-novel to the extent that what goes on in it is absolutely predictable: the same thing always happens. Now, it’s a compelling anti-novel because it forces you to read it to the end.

This is how we open and read life, this way Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday to Wednesday and so on. We go, with the fantasy that something will happen eventually, something abnormal, something extraordinary or miraculous, something to put a little bit of. order in this troubled world. Something that ends what worries us or opens up new horizons for us. Lottery ads play to make us believe it’s possible. The tenth is a box in which something other than another box can be found. But the usual thing is that there is nothing or hopefully a refund: that is, more of the same. In general, the payback is credited to another tenth, another and another until final disappointment. The funny thing about this disappointment is that it often becomes a starting point. Cheer up then.

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