What was not discussed

It got me thinking about some of the issues we didn’t talk about before deciding to present the Ministry of Equality awareness campaign on the occasion of 8M. #AhoraHablemos focuses on topics like masturbation in 60-year-old women, the taboos of having sex during menstruation, or the complexes we feel when we want to have sex, like those of us who don’t have the perfect body. first date Cellulite, flabbiness, obesity and that common stuff. I don’t identify myself with that campaign at all. What’s more, I think women spend half our lives talking about what it’s costing us to accept our physique or how our sexuality has evolved. If we stay at the joke, we stop exploring what is important in my humble opinion: aesthetic pressure at an early age and in many fields, a lack of knowledge to adapt harmoniously to maturity, or the need to learn to communicate assertively.
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