When I see a pregnant anchor on the news, I think of the boy or girl that she carries in her womb and who somehow participates in her mother’s business. They both inform us: the baby and his mother. They will explain to that creature that when he grows up, he went on television to tell us about the events of the day, the wars, the political struggles and the weather, although it was incognito. I often asked my mother what she was doing when she was pregnant with me, and she told me everything in the house. She dusted it, washed the pots and pans, prepared the meals and of course took care of her personal hygiene. From time to time I went to the movies with my father or ate at the house of some cousins ​​with whom they were very intimate. I tried to imagine myself there. While he didn’t stop moving, my organs formed, she. My fingers, lips, gums, eye sockets, eyes appeared. How long does the eye last, how long is the tongue, how long is the liver or kidneys, how long is the skin?

It seems incredible that something as complex as a child can be built without attention to its construction. When a woman takes a shower, her son’s cartilage hardens. Whether you are in the office or wherever you work, the digestive system of the child or young person manifests itself cell by cell as if it came into being out of nothing. To give birth to a sentence, the mother doesn’t have to concentrate the way I do. He does this casually while he waits in line at his company’s machine to make himself coffee.

A pregnant woman was standing on the bus yesterday. I tried to give him my place, but she politely refused. She said that standing was good for her because she spent a lot of time sitting at work. Boy or girl must already be fully done, as their bellies are very bloated. Just like the carpenter checking the surface for imperfections with his fingertips when a piece of furniture is finished, I thought nature would apply itself to the finishing touches. The woman’s pregnancy is still barely perceptible in the news, but it’s already going on. I want you to tell us if you know the creature’s gender.

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