Ibex 35 down 0.8%, holding 7,300 points

this IBEX 35 this Tuesday’s session 0.8% decrease, the selector itself 7,347 integers At 09:01 on a day marked by the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) meeting to analyze the economic outlook for this year and forecasts for the coming years.

Thus, the Madrid selector, which gained 0.3% yesterday, started the session down more than 1% for the Nasdaq, following the downtrend on Wall Street and clinging to the 7,300 psychological level in Asia. The Nikkei index fell 2.64%.

In the early stages of the session, most of the Ibex 35 shares led by Caixabank (-1.94%), Acerinox (-1.8%), Repsol (-1.79%), BBVA (-1.73%) were trading in the red. Grifols (-1.57%), Sabadell (-1.52%), and Santander (-1.52%).

the rest european bags also opened lower, down 0.6% for Frankfurt and London and 0.8% for Paris.

Moreover Barrel price of Brent quality oilA benchmark for the Old Continent, it stood at $95, down 0.99% this Tuesday, while Texas was down 1% to $89.

Finally, the euro stood at 0.9704 ‘dollars’ against the dollar, while the Spanish risk premium was 120 basis points and the required interest on the ten-year bond was 3,480%.

Source: Informacion


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