A Nicaraguan police officer shot and killed an armed suspect after a chase

police officer killed probably shot after chasing a gunman He is in a rural community in the department of Río San Juan de Nicaragua, on the border with Costa Rica, the National Police reported Wednesday.

According to the police version, on Tuesday afternoon, in the community of Los Chiles, the municipality of San Carlos, Río San Juan, the Police Tactics and Weapons for Response and Rescue (Tapir) patrol (Doep) of the Directorate of Special Police Operations (Doep) killed an officer and an officer during an attack last Saturday. conducted search and capture missions for those responsible for killing a civilian. “Police patrol chased two suspects, each on their own motorcycle; One of the subjects drew the firearm he was carrying and the patrol member, who was in danger of life, fired. The statement, “he hit the deceased subject with his gun at the scene,” stated that the National Police had received an informative note. This agency identified the victim as Gexson Leonel Escorcia Moreno and described him as “criminal”. It contained ammunition and 116.4 grams of crack stone (cocaine residue). “A plastic bag,” he said.

Freddy Antonio Torres Amador, who was accompanying the victim and was described as “guilty” by the National Police, was arrested at the scene. Stating that Torres Amador will be referred to the authorities, the Police did not specify what crimes they would accuse him of.

The police announced that they carried out this operation to find those responsible for the incident. murder two people, including one officer, in an attack that took place last Saturday in rural Río San Juan de Nicaragua, in which four people, including a police officer, were injured. The attack, carried out by unidentified persons, occurred while a police patrol was guarding a vehicle owned by a cocoa exporting company, which was carrying staff with workers’ salaries as part of the security program on the ground. According to witnesses, the company vehicle the police were traveling in was ambushed by at least 10 unidentified gunmen. The murdered agent was identified as Aracely Marisol Díaz Salinas, 21, who entered the police academy at the end of 2021, and Pedro Pablo Chavarría Rivas, 56, an administrative worker at the company Agro Industrial Del Río.

Police said they continued to search and apprehend suspects in coordination with the Nicaraguan Army.

Source: Informacion


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