These six companies from Alicante are part of the LLAMP 3i program with CEEI Elche.

this innovation It is one of the biggest challenges faced by both start-ups and companies with a long history. When a company has great potential for innovation, open to changes and through a flexible and collaborative managementThey develop creative and smart solutions. At the same time, they adapt to new technological and social trends that are constantly transforming and advancing. In this sense, Alicante companies already know what they need to know. keep up with technological developments To keep up with the pace of market change.

In this way, Elche’s European Center for Business and Innovation (CEEI Elche) provides support that helps promote the company. creation, consolidation and growth of companies predominantly innovative but also, advise existing companies and helps them increase your competitive development through innovation and diversification. All this is carried out through the different initiatives of which it is a part, prominent among these projects is the LLAMP 3i program, supported and financed by the Generalitat Valenciana Directorate General for Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives.

CEEI Elche is currently Six companies in the province of Alicante to support, guide and empower them to achieve their goals. innovative triple effectWith its socially, environmentally and economically sustainable aspects, it will also contribute to aligning its activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) determined by the United Nations.

LLAMP 3i program focus supporting innovation and entrepreneurship the pursuit of a positive impact for the environment and citizens, beyond economic profitability. Therefore, the program is mainly advises companies and entrepreneurs to help them grow sustainably.

Wide variety of services

CEEI offers a wide range of services aimed at: job growth What advice to entrepreneur and support for business consolidation.

CEEI’s support includes SMEs with an already established innovative profile and entrepreneurs who want to innovate in their companies; by providing tailored services that meet the emerging needs at every stage of their company’s development, whether in their production, management or marketing processes, or to those who want to access new technologies that make them more competitive.

What does the LLAMP 3i program offer?

Companies participating in this program personalized advice by experts, formation activities groups, participation entrepreneurship awards 3i (50,000 Euro cash prize), certificates Triple Blow, workshops communication and networking, LLamp Fair and Demo Day where they can present their projects and attend a final event.

These six participating companies under three years old: Ginevítex, EcoSlowers, Lalicantina, Piensa Network, Hydronik and Melnatur. These six companies have an innovative profile.

Ginevítex, an answer to women’s health problems

Ginevítex is a food supplement.

Ginevítex was born out of necessity, justice and love. a necessary, effective, healthy and sustainable response for women’s health issues It is directly or indirectly related to hormonal imbalances.

At Vítex Salud they fulfill a double need by providing a safe, effective and respectful phytotherapeutic product with information, support and human and environmental health.

Therefore, Ginevítex is a artisanal and self-detailing food supplement, Indicated for female hormonal health and wellnessor the native Mediterranean plant Vitex agnus castus. It acts as a natural hormone regulator and its production is completely organic based on ingredients of 100% Spanish origin.

Informative work in the project through trainings, interviews, congresses, sponsorships or events is of particular importance. And, of course, a point to be stressed is that since Vitex Salud accompanies thousands of women throughout their communities.

«The Triple Pulsed Lamp program is a recognition of companies like ours“Micro-businesses in rural areas with people like me who are attempting to create a business project but actually have no business education,” says Ana Martínez, CEO of Ginevítex.

EcoSlowers, organic, vegan and beautiful shoes

Laura Martinez, CEO of Slowers shoes.

We have a developed shoe industry and traditions such as esparto in our country. a very sustainable way to create shoes. Still, we imported 260 million pairs from China in 2021. “This number motivates me keep creating eco-design shoes here Slowers CEO Laura Martínez emphasizes that they are reinventing tradition and taking care of our feet and the planet.

EcoSlowers a organic, vegan and beautiful shoe brand It was made to walk to the rhythm of nature. “The love and respect we have for animals should have been in our place,” he emphasizes. In this sense, they design their shoes with the following intention: leave a positive mark in three aspects: respect for people, the environment and the development of the local economy.

EcoSlowers two family workshop It is found in the towns of the Valencian Community: Catral and Morella. But its headquarters is in Orba in Marina Alta. “Every product leaves a mark, and we want to reduce and compensate for ours. we use organic, recycled, plant-based, biodegradable or recyclable raw materials» Explains the CEO.

He also wanted to emphasize that he participated. the program has been a great support“What I value most about the program is personalized accompanimentthe external vision of different experts helped me to solve stagnant problems and see clearly the future of my company».

L’Alicantina, a marketplace for local businesses

The co-founders of L’Alicantina are Raymond Seguí and Alexis Sanz.

L’Alicantina a state market for local business. A platform that customers can use purchasing products and/or services from local companies and local businesses get everything at home within 24 hours and support the local economy.

Its work is based on a concept. direct shipping under a short shipping circle. Each order is received from the store, which is a manufacturing company. kilometer consumption 0 productsall, minimizing the carbon footprint with online orders. The order is received from the company and delivered directly to the customer.

“For us, it is very important for Triple Impacto to be recognized as a company, because it adds value to the way of designing the ‘how do you’ and ‘make money’ that we’ve been betting on since the birth of our project. To be able to bring products from local businesses, circular economy with reduction of provincial consumption and carbon footprint “The fact that, thanks to LLAMP i3, all online orders from our market encourage the consumption of Km 0 products is a fact that we can better implement from today,” says Alexis Sanz, co-founder of L’Alicantina.

Hydronik, innovative hydraulic solutions

José Raúl Martínez, CEO of Hydronik, and Raquel Gómez, responsible for marketing.

Hydronik is dedicated research, development, manufacture and marketing of hydraulic solutions for energy savings, reduction of carbon footprint and elimination of Legionella in large DHW installations (Sanitary Hot Water). DHW generation equipment is intended for industries with large consumption of hot water, such as hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, industry, swimming pools, among others.

Improvements solve recurring problems in such facilities. Their solution in numbers yields the following results: 15% savings in primary energy, up to 60% savings in maintenance costs, optimization at 50% of installation costs and 100% safety in the proliferation of Legionella in the accumulation.

«Joining LLAMP 3i for Hydronic means: opportunity to show our technology hydraulic This allows to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Underlining Hydronik CEO José Raúl Martínez, it also makes it easy for us to gain knowledge to apply to our business strategy.

Melnatur, natural products distributor

The booth at the last ECOALICANTE fair.

MelNatur was born from the idea of ​​bringing home one of the most natural and beneficial products for our health: honey and derivatives. After diving deep into the honey, they were able to learn about the work of the bees, the producers, who taught them the important and great work they do for the ecosystem that is directly affected by climate change. That’s why at MelNatur they decided to go a step further and intervene. make a positive impact on consumptionnot only in the distribution of honey and its derivatives, but also distribution of national and local origin, natural, artisanal, ecological, sustainable and zero waste products with high standards of workmanship, quality, care and healthy living.

They consider different factors in the selection of these products and brands: quality, responsibility of the product with most middle environment, awareness that the company has in relation to the effect created by manufacturing that product, its price, the packaging of the product, and finally, they are trying to choose young and innovative companies as well as development. products using traditional, ecological and sustainable techniquespromote the well-being of the environment.

«Participating in the LLAMP 3i project means meeting great people and professionals who are focused on the subject. They advise us on aspects we haven’t been able to focus on yet»Underlines Sara L Escobar, CEO of MelNatur.

Think Network, a platform where you can save

Consider the network team.

Piensa Network is defined as an online platform where the customer can buy and purchase. recommend all your daily services (electricity, gas, telephone, internet, insurance, travel, training courses, rental, among others) for individuals, freelancers and SMEs. One for each customer savings advisor This helps you analyze your daily expenses for free to save money.

Same way, customer can buy directly in the app and you receive a percentage of the commission for every service purchase you make. Likewise, for each friend who buys a service, they get a percentage that they can use to get a discount on future services or get them into their bank account. Savings Advisors are the dealers of the brand who carry out their offline work after training with them. Savings advice for individuals, freelancers and SMEs.

“For start-ups from scratch it is essential to have initial support of this kind. Public administrations should be much more involved in creating assistance programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses like these that actually create jobs in our country. We encourage all startups to contact the nearest CEEI who will greatly assist them at the start of their project. For Piensa Network and all its team We are proud to participate in this acceleration program with CEEI Elche.», says Carlos Parra, Chief Operating Officer of the Piensa Network.

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