Six years in prison for raping a roommate in central Alicante

this Alicante Provincial Court he has imposed six years in prison to an accused man Raping a roommate on August 19, 2019 when they’re both alone Residence in the center of Alicanteaccording to the sentence that this newspaper has access to.

The verdict is of the opinion that it is proved that the accused entered the victim’s room at dawn on the pretext that he wanted to speak because he was upset that his girlfriend had been fighting. Once on the terrace, after chatting for a while, the accused offered to have sex, something he angrily refused. In the judgment, the defendant held him fiercely and started to caress her throwing it on a sofa in the living room. When he got there, he pulled down his pants and began masturbating until he forced her into fallatio, something the victim couldn’t avoid because he was holding her by the hair.

The defendant denied the facts during the trial and assured that it was all consensual relationships, a version that the court gave no credibility to. In addition to considering the victim’s account regarding the events to be accredited, the statement of the victim’s boyfriend and how he was found were also evaluated. bruises reflecting the injury report. The victim did not immediately report the situation, but went to the police station a day later. The decision attributes this to the fact that: young woman was disorientated and restless.

Source: Informacion


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