As with everything in terms of technology, there are mobile applications for every taste. Some people use their devices to check their email, send WhatsApp messages, call their acquaintances and very little else, so their mobile phones usually don’t have apps. But others install dozens of apps and games on their mobiles, which they usually only use once.


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There are thousands of new apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices every day. Some are more useful, some are not, and then totally crazy and useless apps. Today we dedicate our technology department to them. stupid apps. And of the more than 2,600,000 apps we can find in the Android store, 37% are of low quality, according to App Brain. We dived into Google Play, admired some really stupid apps and gave you The 3 most ridiculous apps you can find on Google Play:

The 3 most useless and ridiculous apps on Google Play

Poop Map: Poop Finder Google Play

Yes yes you read it right. This application you can find Google Play store exactly that kind of map where you can mark all the places where you have planted pine trees and also where your friends and acquaintances do it. The interesting thing is that this scatological application has more than 500,000 downloads and users give it a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Cat Thing: A very annoying app that you can find on Google Play. Google Play

Seriously, it’s really hard to explain why someone would want this app on their mobile. The Cat Thing consists of a button that plays the voice of a man saying “meow”. when you press it. This ridiculous app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. But the best are some of the reviews you can read on Google Play: “How nice please. What do I want the other apps for next? I’ll even remove the phone app from my phone, I don’t want it” I never want to call again, that’s weird until I die of an ear infection I just got from hearing ‘meow’ I want to listen to things. I recommend it 100%.”

Die With Me: The application that you will spend the last moments of your phone with

Die With Me: The application that you will spend the last moments of your phone with INFORMATION

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This application, which you can find on Google Play, is a The chat room you can only enter when you have less than 5% battery left. The purpose of this Android app is for you to live together and share the last moments of your mobile with others while other users are in the same situation. Die With Me is a chat room that you can only access when you have 5% battery or less. The idea is that you can share the last moments of your mobile life with other users who are in the same situation as you.

This ridiculous app costs 0.99 Euros and has over 10,000 downloads.