Uepal takes its pulse: now it is shrinking with its investments in Alicante airport

this Alicante State Cooperation (Uepal) keeps his pulse open. Valencia Community Business Confederation (CEV). the head of the organization, John Joseph SellesAlicante, who was sacked as vice president of CEV Alicante this week, is now back in the fray, insisting on investment claims for the Alicante-Elche airport, after investments in other infrastructures considered strategic in recent days. AVE or Mediterranean Corridor. The leader considers it urgent to connect the Tram with the city of Elche and plan for the south of the province. While Uepal, after the regular meeting of its committee and board, demanded a reorganization of investments in the General Government Budgets for next year in favor of the province’s airport, while at the same time losing connections to its Alicante facilities, those in Valencia continue to denounce a new interstate complaint.

Sellés also noted that “for every three euros spent on development Valencia airport, only one is placed in Alicante, which reduces its competitiveness from year to year”. In his complaint, Uepal recalls that the airport in the province, which is fifth in Spain by total passenger volume, is the only airport in its category without rail access and “forcing passengers to make combinations of complex and expensive routes to the ultimate goal. In this sense, the head of the organization was an initial commitment of the State.” also reminded that rail link in 2026. We think that by 2030 there will not be an efficient connection, that there will not be enough time for the airport to cease to be a gateway in favor of other infrastructures receiving the attention they deserve, adds the leader.

In this context, it should not be forgotten that the CEV and Uepal announced the ceasefire that they have maintained until today, after the employers’ association dismissed Sellés from his occupied vice presidency in Alicante for justified reasons. A way he’s not willing to give up in the face of his announcement this Friday, due to the disputes that have arisen in recent months due to his allegations. this in need He regretted that they had left him out for defending the interests of the province. The tension between the two organizations was always present and the trigger that led to the provincial president was Joaquin PerezInforming Sellés of the impeachment was a statement in which Sellés criticized some of the projects championed by the confederation.

Following this dismissal produced earlier this week, disputes are mounting after CEV Alicante made the offer on Wednesday. Caesar Quintanilla As the new vice president, which further deepens the gap with Uepal. The organization of which Sellés heads said it was a “lack of respect” for employers to choose their representative, while the confederation continued to insist for days on the cause of the layoffs. lack of confidence in a “concrete leader”, but not in association.

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