A real estate agent found Yurian’s body in an abandoned house in La Isleta.

A real estate agent found Yurian Cabrera Tacoronte’s body in an abandoned house in the La Isleta neighborhood more than a week ago. Yurian, 35, had been missing for two years and his body was found in a state of advanced segregation which makes it difficult to identify, so it took several days for the National Police to inform her mother that the main hypothesis was Yurian, who was waiting to learn from the data from her DNA comparison.

Homicide continues to investigate trying to determine the cause of death. According to the deceased’s mother, Toñi Tacoronte, the case is under summary secrecy, and investigators have virtually no information other than the fact that they will have to wait several weeks to bury the body as they have to wait to receive autopsy data.

Yurian Cabrera found inside An abandoned house on Artemi Semidan street From La Isleta, who is suspected of staying all this time. The realtor briefed the National Police of the finding, and according to the sources cited, homicide bureaus were responsible for consolidating investigations to start an investigation to try to determine causes of death.

“I’ve been in real suffering for two years. I’m waiting for news, a call to say they know something about him or that his executioners have been arrested, but it doesn’t come. Toñi is the mother of Yurian Cabrera Tacoronte, who went missing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in May 2020. Two months first, he denounced his absence on CASO ABIERTO, the event and investigation portal from Prensa Ibérica. He lived glued to the phone, his heart shattered from so many calls. The call came in the worst possible way, his dead body was found two years later, “It’s just that he I know, I don’t know any more.”

On May 12, 2020, he left home after singing happy birthday to him. They were together for the last time. “Yuri went out in what she was wearing, she didn’t have a cell phone or a document,” Toñi said. After getting no answer for a few days, she went looking for him, saying, “I thought you were with his friends, I don’t know.”

He contacted his environment, investigated, beaten. Nothing caused this. “I looked for my son where he used to stand, and when I couldn’t find him anywhere, I went to complain.”

He spread his image, shouted his name. «Someone who knew her came and told me that Yuri had been taken, killed and disappeared.». Heard this version for the first time.

Days passed without data, without progress, without answers, and the letter arrived. His mother remembered an anonymous message that began with “Don’t say anything to the police.” “He said he didn’t convey anything, but told me because he appreciated my son so much.” “They went for him, they killed him,” explained all the details of the disappearance, while the text provided details on who and how. “I was hoping my son went to another island and would call me, but my son hasn’t been gone for two years and he’s holding me like that.”

The phone rang. Disables the SOS Disappeared alert that always accompanies Toñi. The answer has come. Yurian is there, but not him.

Source: Informacion


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