‘Limbo’: Clara Lago, a millionaire tortured in Argentine ‘Succession’

There is a popular saying that money does not bring happiness (“although it helps”, others add). And a good example of this is Sofía, the heroine of the movie. ‘Purgatory… until I decide‘, Argentinian Disney+ series: Clara Lago, whose main protagonist came to the platform with a Spanish actress on Wednesday, September 28. Argentine directors and producers are behind this fiction. Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat (‘Official Contest’, ‘Glorious Citizen’).

There is no shortage of euros or silver, as his character says. Buenos Aires This condensed much of the filming, but her story is marked by a traumatic past that returns to settle accounts with her as a result of her father’s unexpected death (Enrique Pineyro), a prominent businessman from Buenos Aires. His death forces him to return to the family home he left behind to move to Madrid when he was 12, and reunite with his two brothers, splitting the company as if it weren’t a deal. ‘Subrogation’ Argentina. Although they may not be too confident in the ability of a thirty-year-old who has spent the last few years intensely enjoying life, without apparent worries.

“Sofía is a bit paradoxical, but I think it happens a lot: she has a very social face, a lot of hedonism, a superficial taste, and on the other hand she has an almost antisocial point, she needs to turn to herself to connect,” Lago says. about a character who also takes on A voiceLike at the haunted Rue ‘euphoria’. For the lead actor ‘Eight Basque surnames“Consciously or unconsciously, it would be like conscience speaking in moments of greater connection it has”.

Another element that connects ‘Limbo’ to ‘Succession’ will be the inaccessible world of luxury it takes place in. “In the early episodes, when you see that pointless part the most, superficial, capricious, disrespectful, irresponsible and with a childlike Sofia point even though she is a woman of character”, describes Lago, who flaunts her Argentine accent in films such as ‘At the End of the Tunnel’ and ‘The Tale of the Tunnel’. Weasels’.

Second season confirmed

Although in this case the plot does not focus on the brutal brotherly struggle to take over the family business as in the famous HBO Max series, but rather on the mystery of Sofia’s dark past. “She has a complicated relationship with her father and brothers because deep wounds. For example, it was not her decision for Sofía to live in Madrid,” explains the actress. 10 episodes This event, which constitutes the first season of the series, is summarized as “to get to know yourself and his family and to learn to contact and heal those wounds in order to find their place”.

With a second season already confirmed, the series also features: Mike Amigorena Y Stephen Perez (in the role of Sofia’s brothers), Rebeca Roldan, Geena Roman and Andres Gil and with special participation Michel Nohr, Andrea Frigerio and also spanish carmen maura.

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