Zamorano, arrested with three kilos of marijuana, would have won 6,000 euros

payment a little bail let him go parole to Zamorano, who was arrested with 3 kilos of buds give a stimulantsale would bring it Benefits of more than 6,000 eurosThe arrest occurred near the capital as the man was traveling along the Villalpando highway and was stopped by the National Police.

so called rock operation remains open to determine whether it has been investigated, 42 years The elderly and resident of a town near the capital sold the drug, according to information gathered by this newspaper, if he distributed the drug either directly at retail or through third parties from whom he supplied cannabis. Research has also focused on identifying. origin and destination of buds.

Three kilos of marijuana distributed two cardboard boxes He said Udyco agents from the Zamora Police Station were found in the car in which the person with a criminal record for drug trafficking was traveling on September 18.

“Caught” after a device on the road

The Udyco judicial police brigade had information indicating that this man from Zamora would be committed to drug trafficking and would travel to the capital to distribute marijuana from his home in a nearby town. This data led the agents to set up a device near the entrance of the Zamora capital city to try to stop the supposed smuggler with one of these shipments.

was the chosen place Villalpando road, CL-612When her car was stopped and they were searching the trunk, the national police found 3 kilos of marijuana buds in two boxes. After his arrest, he was taken to the Security Court, where it was agreed after giving his statement. bail, because it is a so-called soft drug that does less harm to the health of those who consume cannabis. The police operation is part of the National Drugs Plan, which has allowed large numbers of arrests in the capital and dispersed several outlets in the Zamora capital.

Source: Informacion


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