Freedom for the homeless man who attacked a 12-year-old boy on the tram!

this Alicante security court He released a 35-year-old homeless man detained by the National Police accused of killing and threatening to attack a 12-year-old boy who was traveling with his mother and three-year-old sister on TRAM. According to police sources, the arrested person, who had mental problems, denied attacking the boy while testifying in court, where he was assisted at the courthouse. lawyer Jose Manuel Yepes Rodriguez. arrested not examined by the coroner released to determine the mood. In the absence of an address and a mobile phone, the problem will arise in the future when the court ordering the case must call the person under investigation with him, who is a Barcelona resident. police record for forced robbery of things, damages and injuries.

The arrest of the homeless wanted for aggression at TRAM on September 10 took place last Tuesday afternoon. a patrol National Police The tram set up a routine crime prevention check at the Puerta del Mar stop, and after meeting with a security guard they talked about the attack that occurred in early September, and the worker showed them several photos of the suspect as he was a regular tram user. and recorded by security cameras.

One of the police officers who saw the footage noticed that the homeless man had made several appearances before and after checking the police databases confirmed that he had been reported and is awaiting arrest.

He resumed his patrol service, and soon after spotting the suspect in the vicinity, they immediately rushed to his side. arrest for serious threat.

After the alleged TRAM attacker was arrested, he appeared before the National Police that same Tuesday afternoon and recognized without a doubt that the arrested person was the one who attacked his son and himself while they were traveling on the tram. In addition to minor injuries sustained by the 12-year-old, the boy’s mother told agents that, due to aggression, she damaged her cell phone screen and the stroller with her three-year-old daughter. was. Complainant encrypted approx. 1,200 Euros for losses incurred with cart and mobile phone.

According to the complaint made by the youngest’s mother at the time, the incidents occurred shortly before eleven o’clock in the morning while traveling on the L4 line from Luceros to the Lucentum stop. woman and she Two children aged 12 and 3 They were about to get off the tram when the now detained homeless man approached them. Without a word, he grabbed his 12-year-old son by the neck and began hitting him in the face. The mother, who had difficulties due to the fact that her three-year-old daughter’s stroller and wheelchair of the TRAM user prevented this, started to cry for help and help as she tried to lift the attacker on her son’s head.

The young boy in the car was beaten while the little boy was beaten. came out to defend the victims and he came face to face with the homeless man who also bumped into this passenger.

The attacker grabbed the little one by the neck again and raised him to his feet, saying: “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!”. The mother and another woman began hitting the homeless man with her bag to make him stop his stance, and the attacker defended himself. The man left after a woman repeatedly said she would call the police.

The tram driver later appeared in the vehicle and said he had called the police but did not interfere with the mother’s defense.

The mother, who gave a statement to the police after the attacker was arrested, stated that the security personnel were not present at the time of the incidents and the driver was reluctant to help the person who was attacked, and called for them to get out of the vehicle until the police arrived. In the complainant’s opinion, the train driver was a embossing omission by not calling an ambulance to treat the injured.

Anne appeals to the TRAM offices to seek legal action against the railway company and the security company. The complainant assures that since the 12-year-old boy, his children have suffered from the sequelae of aggression. afraid to go out and take any public transport while the three-year-old is having nightmares.

Source: Informacion


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