A swarm of thawed Walkers threatens the second act of ‘The Walking Dead: Last Mile’

If by chance you don’t know and ‘Walking Dead’You’ll definitely be grateful to discover that there’s a (almost) new video game for the franchise: a “huge interactive experience” that’s called ‘named’ on Facebook.The Walking Dead: The Last Mile’ (TWD:LM) is also completely free through Facebook Gaming and is not dependent on downloads or installations. The title has been in circulation for a while and is starting to trend, both because of its format and the innovative experience it offers.

Developed by Genvid in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment, ‘The Walking Dead: Last Mile’ is decided by the players themselves. Through a series of interactive live streams hosted by actresses Yvette Nicole Brown and Felicia Day, a new chapter of the story is revealed every day to help fans make key decisions that will shape the ‘The Walking Dead’ universe. “‘The Walking Dead: Last Mile’ is a bold and exciting new expansion for TWD,” said Robert Kirkman, president of Skybound Entertainment and series creator. Here, throughout the story, the characters are forced to make difficult decisions with dire consequences. For the first time, fans will make these decisions together as a community. The results will change not only the fate of these characters, but also their futures in the series.”

The Walking Dead: Last Mile – Launch Trailer

First live entertainment experience on Facebook

The first act, which officially premiered last July, began the journey as audiences helped shape the story and determine the fate of the survivors. The adventure will consist of three “Ambassadors”, each lasting four weeks.One of the biggest stories in the ‘The Walking Dead’ universe will air back-to-back until mid-November. Instant Play provides ongoing access to the world and its inhabitants, allowing viewers to create their own survivors, earn influence points through mini-games and events, and then bid those points for decisions big and small and influence the story. .

The second act started this week. and it seems that the relationship between Factory and Village is more strained than ever before. At the Factory, a deadly invisible gas creates multiple problems, while in the Village, Marlena’s pain and Remi’s sour demeanor sowed seeds of suspicion. Abe decided to organize a potlatch to bring the two groups together, but it did not have the desired effect. Now the villagers are suffering from a mysterious disease and some critical plant workers have been kidnapped.

As winter hits Prosper Landing, things take a dire turn for both groups as they prepare for the end of winter when a newly discovered swarm of frozen walkers thaw to deal with their biggest challenge: the saltwater hikers coming out of the bay. In town, Doc seeks a cure for an unknown disease, Remi suffers a setback, and a thief threatens their health and safety. At the factory, Tara leads the mission to rescue the kidnapped Workers as they work together to maintain their morale in the face of exhaustion. Starvation, disease, and death further reduce the likelihood of Glacier Point being repaired.

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It looks like ‘TWD:LM’ has also received a number of improvements and unreleased features for this Act Two. A ‘Survival’ mode where you can participate in collecting more rewards, always with “death threat” when throwing random targets and mission conditions. Of course, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. We also can’t help but mention the premiere of two new mini-games, “Weapon Classification” and “Weapon Crafting”. Likewise, a new bidding system has been opened with “My Influence”, and now players can see how their bids affect the outcome of the story. Finally, a new timeline has been added to the format, where you can see firsthand how the choices you make affect the narrative throughout MILE (Massively Interactive Live Event). We leave you alone with the related video game trailer where everything is explained in a wonderful way.

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