Climate change and heatwaves could threaten tourism in Spain

this tourism recovery extraordinary I had fun this summer all of spain It could be threatened in later years if climate change causes heat waves to become more intense and extreme and discourages tourists from vacationing in Spain by opting for destinations with more bearable temperatures. recovery Pre-Covid tourist flows and return of 2019 billing levels in hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment companies can be diluted with the negative effect of high temperatures.

And according to the latest data from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency, Exposure to heat waves for 42 days since June. For many travelers who enjoy street walks to get to know the city, the unbearable heat becomes undesirable with this extreme heat. Summer and holidays have always been about travel and transfers. But this understanding can change for everyone as a result of recent climate events characterized by extreme heat waves in different parts of the world.

Climate change and heatwaves could threaten Spain’s tourism leadership Tony Escobar

it was the weather Historically one of the main reasons for choosing a destination, so if a customer is not satisfied with this factor, they may decide not to return to the same location, or at least not in the same season. Data analytics firm Mabrian has updated its annual climate perception index, which calculates the impact of weather on tourist destinations and how satisfied tourists are with the weather during their stay.

Contents uses different advanced artificial intelligence techniques and the use of data from millions of visitor interactions on social networks captured daily.

France, Greece and Spain, the most affected destinations

After analyzing the impact of this summer’s heat waves from this index, France, Greece and Spain were the destinations most affected in terms of loss of climatic satisfaction. This means that travel perceptions in general are also changing. For this reason, the experiences and global perceptions of tourists who are exposed to heat waves during their stay at the destination are lower.

Climate change and heatwaves could threaten Spain’s tourism leadership Tony Escobar

This drop in satisfaction means that these visitors repeat. Even considering the impact of the huge increase in accommodation prices in destinations such as Greece and Spain this season. In addition, tourists visiting the UK this summer appear to have a better overall perception of the climate than in 2021.

If this trend towards a warmer climate continues, as climate change suggests, experts say, The tourism industry will have to rethink the summer holidays we now know. Therefore, travelers may be attracted to cooler places during the summer months. Or maybe they come before or after the summer season, changing the season they visit these places.

Opportunity or threat?

Experts believe that analyzing climate satisfaction and its effects on the global experience of visitors can help the tourism industry be more resilient and make better decisions in the future. The perception of climate in a destination and heat waves, heavy rains, snowfall, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes etc. effects can be analysed. Thus, markets and seasons that are less sensitive to these adverse weather conditions can be identified and communication and marketing actions can be segmented for each market. also predictable demand fluctuations associated with this change in climatology. Tourists can opt for less popular but climate-friendly destinations and also benefit from the fact that they will be less crowded and see their economy revive. Therefore, destinations in the north of France or Spain may start to become more popular with the new opportunities this will entail for their economy.

Climate change and heatwaves could threaten Spain’s tourism leadership Tony Escobar

Similarly, hotel companies should start considering these indicators when deciding on your next openings and investments. Therefore, forecasts suggest that destinations hit by heatwaves may see more seasonally adjusted demand and direct their efforts towards tourists who want to visit the destination in the off-season. Another change or opportunity is that activities in the destination may be affected. Plans or activities that begin at sunset arouse more interest or at night. This may mean that tourist tours, bars or restaurants need to change their schedules to adapt to the new situation.

Hotels and resorts in the hottest locations will also have to rethink their outdoor seating with larger sun-shaded areas, pools and outdoor patios. Activities at spa centers will be changed and golf courses may also be affected. Additionally, the extreme heat is fostering a greater increase in environmental awareness among tourists, who are increasingly interested in more sustainable destinations and hotels committed to tackling the inevitably coming climate emergency.


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