Confessed to biting a 4-year-old boy on the penis at his home in Murcia

“Don’t tell anyone” she said individual, now 55 years old, to the youngest who is only 4 years oldThe son of her roommate, whom she attacked on the pretext of escorting her to the bathroom. He took the child in the bathroom, kept it penis and give it a gnaw the same. The victim told me. And the matter ended in court, where he confessed to what he had done.

During the investigation of the case, experts from the Forensic Institute of Murcia subjected the minor to a psychological report on the reliability of his testimony and determined that he was telling the truth. He also gave himself acceptance of facts by the individual.

The Second Division of the Murcia County Court sentenced this man to prison for sexually assaulting a minor under 16. twelve months in jail even though he won’t go to jail: It has been decided to suspend the prison sentence, provided that it has already compensated before the victim’s trial €3,000No crime for three years.

“Given the request made by the defense in the present case and the lack of opposition by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor and the Special Prosecutor’s Office, suspended sentence Since the convict did not have the same criminal record at the time of the events and did not exceed the two-year prison sentence given, he was sentenced to twelve months in prison. By warning that if the convict has not committed a crime for three years, if he does not confirm this, the benefit provided can be withdrawn, take a suspended sentence“details the judgment reached by La Opinion.

The events that are now finalized occurred five years ago in a house in Murcia, so the victim is now 9 years old. Moreover, he was imprisoned for five years. You cannot come closer than 100 meters. the child or their parents.

Source: Informacion


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