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Antonio Banderas himself explained Marbella Starlite Festival It will be the second season of The Three Doors. The news is good, but it should be noted that the program offers Mary is Married will descend upon 2what we are interpreting from this column would be its natural area from the very beginning.

The way La 1 was mixed as another private channel in its commercial programming strategy, three doors disturbed their bottom lines. as he did Keys to the 21st century. Headed by the new antenna director, La 1’s executives handle events with a powerful punch so their audiences can compete.

Oh my god, competitive! Although advertising has been blocked since 2010. In this way La 1, Qatar World Cup at the end of the year and Germany European Championship 2024. Events that fans can see on private networks and take them away. On the other hand, by spending such prohibitive sums to buy these rights, Coffers were left empty to undertake projects that would be much more in line with what public television should have been.. What we have interpreted many times: the world has turned upside down.

This also affects La 2, which has to lower its demand level by several steps. The increasingly mediocre audience does not want to think, as this summer has shown. It reached its highest historical figures with repetitive programming at zero cost to get out of trouble. Any attempt to raise the bar on quality will mean sacrificing them. Bosses know. Because unfortunately, even in La 2, audiences matter.

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