Social Security lost 11,398 foreign affiliates

Social Security lost 11,398 foreign affiliates in July, leaving a total of 2,451,492. foreign workers and breaking the uptrend of the last six months.

According to data released on Thursday, Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Of the total number of foreign affiliates, 846,484 are from European Union countries (34.5%) and 1,605.008 from third countries (65.5%).

By gender 1,368,384 (55.8%) of men and 1,083,108 (44.2%), woman.

In the last twelve months, the average membership of employees from other countries has increased by 10.1%. 224,907 were employed.

In seasonally adjusted terms, Social Security lost 1,409 members It closed the first half of the year with an increase of 71,773 foreign workers, up to 2.37 million in July.

According to these seasonally adjusted data, the number of foreign participations in July, 11.8% of the total number of workers.

The largest groups of foreign workers, Romania (339,053), Morocco (285,046), Italy (163.826), Colombia (122.192) and Venezuelan (118,147).

The Ministry underlines that there are 60,276 subsidiaries from Ukraine, a figure that has been increasing since its inception. russian invasion, With 13,017 participants, it contributed more than in February.

this average membership of foreigners growing mainly in Cantabria (5.5%), Galicia (3.7%) and Asturias (3.2%), while in Andalusia (8%), La Rioja (6.3%) and Murcia (5%, 49) fell.

By schedules, the majority of foreigners are listed in the Self-Employed Special Program 2,045,918, while 2,045,918 adhere to the General Program (CHALLENGE).

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