Aim explained the new functions it was looking for promote short videos on their social media, including cross-posting reels Instagram inside Facebook together new metrics for the second platform and the ‘Add Yours’ sticker extension.

Instagram’s short video format known as ‘reels’ was activated globally on Facebook in February, expanding the possibilities for creators and since then they can share them publicly on stories or on this social network via the ‘Watch’ tab.

The company then announced that it was exploring the possibility of creators being able to cross-post their ‘reels’ via their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Exactly the innovation that Meta has just implemented.

person responsible for Instagram, Adam MosseriFacebook reported cross-posting of Instagram ‘reels’, as long as the user has an account on bothto “increase the number of people reached”.

With this innovation, Mosseri also announced the extension of the ‘Add Yours’ tag available for stories to videos on Instagram. attribute the content to its creatorIt also includes a link to your profile.

Same way, Facebook users also have new metrics on the performance of ‘reels’ on this platform that shows information about reach, average viewing time and total time.